Good evening loves.

I always love shopping at lush, this isn’t my first time and certainly not my last.. I just love the atmosphere in my local lush, the friendly faces and helpful staff.. not to mention the beautiful scented air as you walk in.. You just know you could spend so much of your time and money in there.

This time, I entered in hopes to find my old beloved shower jelly, i don’t know if any of you have seen or used it before, but it was a gorgeous purple glittery jelly, oh my how i miss that scent..

I have to say I was rather disappointed to learn it had been discontinued and to be honest none of the other shower jellies did it for me.. but i couldn’t leave the store without purchasing something i never can!!

I don’t know about your local Lush but in mine you are instantly greeted by a friendly smiling face ‘ Do you need any help ‘ ?

To this I always reply with a yes, as many of you will know Lush products are known for their more natural ingredients which i love about Lush, but having a couple of allergies i am always looking for help to avoid products containing them.. these include much regularly used nut oils and argan oil so my choice is quite limited when shopping there.. but not impossible 🙂


The Tea Tree Toner Tabs :

I just love these little toner tabs.. and the price at £1 is just exceptional. It contains very little ingredients but the ingredients it does contain provide a very gentle yet powerful treatment for spots. It contains both Aloe Vera & Tea Tree both giving different benefits.

Tea Tree : Has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Aloe Vera : Is kind and cooling.

I tend to use my Tea Tree Tab in a way

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