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10 Easy and Almost Effortless Ways to Get New Content for Your Blog

If you have a blog, you know how difficult it can be to maintain it and to keep up with a posting schedule that your readers expect. Blogs who go dormant, even for a short while, lose readers permanently, and this always a bad thing.

Marketers are very capable of figuring out their target audiences and what types of content have the best traction and readership; the issue for most of them is coming up with topics and engaging content with a consistent flow.

If you are at the “bottom of your barrel” and wondering where content for next week or month is going to come from, here are 10 ideas for getting content as quickly and easily as possible.

1. Curate From Older Posts
This can be one of the easiest methods of getting new content created and posted. If you have done your analytics, you know which of your past posts were the most popular. Go back, pull them out and see what new content you can add. Then take that post and break it up into several. Suppose for example that you wrote a post a year ago that had 5 points. Take each of those 5 points and write 5 blogs adding newer more relevant content and some great visuals. You have 5 new posts to schedule for publishing. Give each one a catch title, and you have 5 winners.

2. Newsjacking
This can be an amazingly effective tactic if it is done right. Basically you take either a trending topic in pop culture or a breaking news event and find a way to incorporate it into a Tweet, a blog, or a post on other social media platforms. The issue that it has to be humorous, educational, and/or tasteful. For example, Oreo has really gotten into the act using non-controversial but well-known events to Tweet about them and promote their products at the same time.

When the power went out during Super Bowl 2013, here is what Oreo tweeted.

It received almost 16,000 retweets.

Market Watch, in writing a post about management, could have created a dull, boring article that would excite no one. Instead, it took a cue from pop culture and the hit TV series “Walking Dead” and used it as a headline and lead in for its article.

Article Title: 7 Management Lessons From the “Walking Dead.”

It’s a great idea to experiment with newsjacking, but be certain that you can tie it in with your content artfully and that you are not going to offend. A lot of people, for example, used Hurricane Sandy to promote their products, and it did not go well.

3. Use In-House Content Writers
You have a team. They all have areas of expertise and interest, both at work and outside of work. Enlist them to write blog posts about what they do within the company and perhaps what their interests are outside of work. Featuring team members this way is great human interest and helps establish that more personal relationship you want with your customers. You can always edit any post before it is published.

4. Outsource Externally
This certainly is a common choice if there is money in the budget. You are better served employing a freelance writer rather than services that offer copywriting services. You will be bounced around among writers and it will be difficult to have conversations with all of those different people about your needs and wants. If you have a single writer to work with, things generally work well, because that writer gets a better feel for you and your company.

5. Crowdsource Your Content
Crowdsoursing is becoming more and more popular as a content marketing tool, and it actually has been quite effective. Ask readers to submit content to you for posting. Their name in a byline as a guest poster is usually incentive enough for them to do this. Or, hold a contest and publish the best posts you get. Some marketers even provide a topic and hold a contest for the best, most unique title. Other just start a post with a title and a call for contributors to comment and add their points of view. Rest assured, when customers and potential customers contribute to your blog, they will be sharing it with their communities.

6. Set Up Mutual Arrangements with Related Niches
If you are in the interior design business, who can you hook up with who is in a related niche? A home decorating site that offers wall art? A furniture site? A window treatment business? Agree to share posting as guests. Both of you get fresh content and a wider audience – it’s a win-win.

7. Visit Your Competitors
Get on their blogs and their social media pages. What conversations are occurring? What topics are your mutual customers discussing? What questions are being asked? Use these as topics for your posts.

8. Use Content curation Tools
There are some great ones out there. Buzzsumo allows you to type in a keyword/keyword phrase and will pull up the most popular related posts. You can access those posts and curate the content. Get on Quora and search for your keywords – find out what questions are being asked and what answers are being given.

9. Use Great Content that Others Have Created
If you have seen a great SlideShare or video, re-post it on your blog, giving attribution of course. What difference does it make where it came from as long as your readers find it engaging and valuable?

10. Get Personal
Telling stories is one of the best ways to engage readers. If you can feature yourself and members of your team in personal stories, readers will respond positively. Feature everyone’s pets; feature a team activity that occurred off-site, such as participation in a charitable event; have a post that describes (with visuals, of course) a day in the life of your company; tell your customers’ stories.

While every business is unique, most of the suggestions above will fit. Above all, be a bit of a risk-taker in trying some tactics that will make your life easier and that may actually generate content that will fill that barrel up again.

Guest post by:

Laura Callisen is a professional writer, blogger and business consultant. Today she writes all things about blogging and content marketing at Trust My Paper. Follow her on Twitter @LauraCallisen



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