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Since becoming a parent my standards have hit rock bottom, but there is no doubt that there’s still chance that they could go further than that. Since entering the wonderful world of parenthood 3 years ago, I have found myself doing things that I never thought I would ever do. When clearing up after dinner I find myself eating that half eaten smiley potato face that was rejected by Shaniah moments earlier – 90’s kids I hear your confusion!

There is a lot you learn when you step foot into the world of parenting, some you learn straight away and some things take a little while. Here is just 10 of the things I have learnt over the past 3 years.

 TV/Ipad is your best friend.
Despite what everyone says about children and good old electricals, letting your children watch or play on them for a few minutes here and there never hurts anybody. YouTube Kids is an app that should be made compulsory on every parents phone – it is a lifesaver and blow me down, my little one has actually learnt from it! On to the TV yes children’s channels are the bane of my life but children love them… Look
at it like a free babysitter that allows you to visit the bathroom or even drink your coffee warm! Carrying on from the bathroom remark.
You will NEVER EVER visit the bathroom alone when the sun is up. Gone are the days of privacy, be prepared however for the “What’s that mummy?” as you pull down your briefs! You can spend a fortune on the latest hyped up toy but no toy beats the tat you find sellotaped to the front of a comic.
Purchase a comic for £4.99 (I know nearly as bad as those bloody freddo frogs!) and your children will be raving about the colourful plastic on the front begging you to open it for them because the suspense is just about killing them. Oh and if that comic happens to have stickers you better have some ear protectors on hand because said child is about to scream down the

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