10 years on

For some people, today could have just been the same old ordinary day. I never forget what 21 May is. I see 13-year-old me in high school. I see a girl eating her dinner and watching a member of staff approach her, to then be asked to head to the school reception with my coat and my bag.

That girl was me and I had never been so suspicious before to know what was happening in a situation. If I was asked to go to reception and was simply handed a document for a class, or be asked to take part in something, I wouldn’t think anything of it. However, this was different.

I noticed that my dad was stood by reception. Okay, I didn’t forget my lunch and if I did, I wouldn’t have expected dad to bring it all the way here. I didn’t have a dentist appointment. I have class in about 10-15 minutes.

Dad would hardly say a word, a member of staff told me to go to the car with my dad. In my head I was questioning why, but I hadn’t seen my dad lost for words before. When I got into the car, my brother, Phil was already in there. He was another one who was silent. Not a single word.

So now I begin to worry.

Is it mum? Is she okay?

Dad’s impression told me that it wasn’t mum.

Grandad? What’s happened to grandad?

Dad’s look instantly made my heart drop. The car was moving but everything else froze. Dad didn’t want to go into too much detail because I think he knew how sensitive I would be, especially remembering how much I cried over granny passing away five years prior to this.

I was just about getting to grips with the fact that granny wasn’t here anymore. I was growing up

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