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15 bloggers share how they use automation techniques when blogging

We asked a cross-section of bloggers the below question.

Do you use any automation techniques when blogging, and if so what are they?
Do you automate post scheduling, tweeting or other? We’d like to know what automation steps you use to help streamline your blogging process

Here is what they had to say.


I use TweetDeck and sometimes Latergram, along with Facebook’s built-in scheduling capability whenever I know I’ve got a busy week ahead. All very useful!


Maybe more semi-automation, but Buffer is great to schedule and keep your Twitter feed topped up and up to date.

With Buffer add lots of tweets to the schedule and they will be published at times when most of your followers are online. A great time saving too’ that means you don’t have to be hovering over the tweet button constantly.

Other tools:

Link Is can automatically tweet once a day the most popular tweet from the people you follow, and also promote your own website at the same time.

Revive Old Post is a WordPress plugin that does exactly what it says. Old posts can still be valuable and this highlights them and publicises old posts on social media automatically.


I use IFTTT to update a Google Drive spreadsheet I have that lists all the posts on my blog. When I post a new entry on my site, a row is added into my Google Drive spreadsheet that details the title, date and URL of the post. From here I record how I have promoted that post – Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc.

I also use Buffer to schedule and manage the promotion of certain blog posts. This helps me save time and also get stats on what Tweets get the best responses, most popular time for posting, etc.


I schedule blog posts within WordPress. When using social media to promote something particular I will occasionally useHootSuitee to tweet and post to Instagram etc.
Now I’m starting a new blog I am sure I will use the same methods.


Automation is a must when you are blogging otherwise you’ll soon find yourself sinking in the vast social media world and all of your time will be spend catching up instead of planning blog posts. I use various scheduling tools and always schedule tweets up to 3 months in advance promoting my blog posts. I’ve also started scheduling Instagram, Pinterest and even my Facebook posts. This allows me to better manage my time by freeing me up so that I can answer my readers’ questions, work on improving my photography and of course planning future posts!


I always try to schedule my blog posts in advance so they go live at the same time each day, and I schedule promo tweets in every hour between 8am and 10pm, as well as a couple of links to Bloglovin, Pinterest etc.

I tried scheduling Facebook posts on my page using the scheduling tool in the desktop version of Facebook but found that fewer people saw my posts when I did that, so now I just manually post to Facebook when I remember…


I swear by a few really useful tools to help me schedule posts and social media! I use Buffer to schedule tweets throughout the day and have recently started using Hiplay alongside it, which tweets out evergreen content for me. I also use a really handy app called IFTT to post new blog posts to my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! I wouldn’t get half as much done without them.


I use automation for social shares (on Twitter and Facebook). I use Buffer app and I prepare my tweets and facebook shares at the beginning of the week and schedule it to be publish throughout the week. Also, I schedule my posts on WordPress to be published on Monday. I believe that automation techniques are very important for bloggers – they help us to be more efficient!


I always use Buffer to help me schedule tweets for when I’m not around. It’s great for posting tweets over night so people in other time zones can see my tweets.


I don’t typically like used automatic techniques, I don’t like to look spammy and I like to be more personal. It helps that I actually have the time to post everything, but if I have a busy day ahead of me I will use HootSuite.

It’s nice to have the option to schedule things when you’re busy, but so many people get carried away with it that it takes the interest away.


I can’t live without scheduling my blog posts! I lead a very busy life and when the writing bug hits I often complete 2 to 5 posts at once.


I use a mixture of automated and self-written posts. Mostly because I have two sites and it’s hard to promote them all of the time. Some I schedule through twitter, some through facebook.
I have tweets that schedule from 4 times a day to 9 but It really depends on what days they are. I’m normally busy at the start of the week so I tend to schedule a lot on twitter on those days (sorry for the spam guys!)

As for Facebook I write the post the day before and schedule it to go out or If I like a meme/video or want to share content I’ll publish it to a relevant stream at the right time of day. So at any point I should have something, that’s not my work,to share at least once a week.


Scheduled posts in Facebook and we’ve started to use HootSuite for twitter. I tend to focus timed pieces on promoting articles on our site and generally don’t apply scheduling to other posts e.g. shares. For Instagram I will pen pieces in a Notepad app on my phone ready to copy and paste at the right time of day.


I love using TweetDeck for scheduling my tweets for the week, its a really great tool for Twitter management – especially if you have several accounts.

I’ve just started scheduling posts for Facebook too – FB is something we haven’t made the most of in the past, so let’s see if this makes a difference!


I use scheduling to schedule tweets promoting my blog. I find this works well to promote throughout the day when I wouldn’t have time otherwise.


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