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17 bloggers share their thoughts on what makes a good or standout blog

We asked a cross-section of bloggers the below question.

What makes a good or standout blog?

Here is what they had to say.



Writing about things that help people and answer their questions attract them to your blog. Do the research for them and they will see you know what you’re doing. Get to know your audience on FB so you know if they want to read about children, pets, autism or whatever they need help with.

“Writing about things that help people and answer their questions attract them to your blog. Do the research for them and they will see you know what you’re doing. Get to know your audience on FB so you know if they want to read about children, pets, autism or whatever they need help with.

Use CoSchedule to help write the headline. When they read that, it should tell them exactly what your post is about. This helps put emotional words in, and that attracts traffic.

The design is important too. For them to find other posts should be easy. And to follow you on social media platforms should be right there for them to see.


Even though the design is very important, I believe good content is what matters the most. Start with a title. It has to be engaging and interesting, otherwise the readers will just move on. Content should be unique, creative, well researched… Readers are not stupid. They will recognize lame content and will not come back to your blog if you don’t give them something with high quality.



I am Sarah Neely and owner of Born Freely’s blog. I think what makes a blog stand out is the content because that is what makes the audience interested and willing to share it. I feel like the blogger itself brings life to their blog by being themselves and adding their personality with a little insight on their life. Their beautiful pictures and the different styles that represents them. I think overall it’s all about being creative, original, and simple and straight to the point.”



I believe that a good or a standout blog is when you write consistently. You have a time schedule of when ever you post. Maybe you post once-or-twice a week. The key is to stay consistent & also have fun while doing it. Write about something you’re passionate and an expert on. For instance, fashion or traveling. Maybe you like to read, so you post book reviews.
Also, engaging with your followers/audience makes your blog more enjoyable. Create a newsletter or possibly a giveaway for your fans. This lets them know that you really care about them.



I think what makes a good blog is to definitely do something different than the rest.
For instance, I blog about fashion, makeup and lifestyle but each day I will blog a section about me, maybe a funny story or just what I got up to.

I think that people reading the blogs want to know the person they are reading about.

The format and layout of the blog has to be clean and clear, I think too much going on will confuse the reader and distract them from the post.

I think that’s what makes a blog stand out.



The things I look for in a good blog include:

– Large, high-quality, clear photos
– Good spelling & grammar
– Regular posts
– Clear & cohesive writing style
– Good design so that posts are easy to read and the blog is easy to navigate – can find buttons for commenting, following, sharing etc. easily
– Interesting ideas – not just a stream of reviews, but fresh content ideas



A great blog is where the content, photography, personality and everything comes together to create something amazing. For me, my favorite blogs are the ones where I feel connected to the blogger – no matter if they have 10 or 10k followers – they are relatable and kind to their readers. Basically, the people I wish I was friends with and want to hang out with every day!



The content. And this content needs to be what your readers want to read.

Your blog could contain the most exquisite English, or your could have an incredible writing style, but if you don’t write posts about the kind of subjects your readers want to read about, you might as well give up.

Because a blog without readers is nothing. They can easily vote with their feet if they don’t like what they see. So to make your blog a good blog, analyse your readers so you really understand them, and give them what they want.


A good blog is something which contains an original idea, but makes it unique. For example, one of my favourite blogs is written by Madeleine Mcgowan. Her blog contains so much personality and she is unapologetically herself which shines through in her hilarious and relevant blog posts. – now that is a good blog!



What makes a good blog is its uniqueness. The content must be one of the kind – a mix between new & creative photos + inspirational subject text.



For me it’s those bloggers who really let their personality shine, the ones that within a few lines I feel like I am in the middle of a conversation with an old friend rather than a newbie sticking my nose into somewhere I am not wanted.


There are many things that make a blog great, but there are a few things that make those blogs stand out. When you can tell that the author took a lot of time into their article/post, or when you can really tell what their personality is through their posts. I think personality is the most important because honestly, I want to feel like I can relate to the blogger. When I can relate to someone and they inspire me, I will follow them!



Unique content, big clear pictures, and a writer that’s passionate about their niche.



Something that always catches my eye is a blogger who isn’t afraid to their own thing and not follow the crowd. these days there are often fashionable blogging “themes” such as marble backgrounds on flat lays or mermaid/unicorn based posts and as awesome as these are (seriously, they’re great I am not putting them down in any way!) I love seeing a blogger take a totally new direction on things and just go with what they love and what they think looks and sounds great! Originality stands out to me.



Photography catches the eye first and can make the difference between a good blog and a greater one!

Also making sure your blog is easy to navigate is essential! Having your social media buttons and your contact page in an obvious place.



For me, a good blog comes from the blogger’s personality shining through! I love it when you can see a blogger’s sense of humour in the way they write, and it’s a great way to get people coming back time and time again.

I also think interaction is important. I love bloggers who talk to their readers in comments or on social media, as it makes the blog feel more personal and inviting.



Good” is a very subjective word, especially in a creative and varied industry such as blogging! For me, a good blog is one that makes me want to stick around and come back, usually because it’s packed with personality, has some kind of unique take on its subject and is well-written.

What make a good or standout blog for you?


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