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Valentine’s Day has always been my favourite lover’s day of celebration when most go overboard. I thought I share the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that I know every girl wants. How do I know this? Well, I am a girl too and kind of know what most girls like, this is your inside scoop.

Though it is weird to start thinking of Valentine’s Day in fairness, it is only a few weeks away. Even though I am spontaneous in my travels, when it comes to gifts, I prefer to take my time. Over the years, I have compiled a list of the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that I absolutely love and hope you love it too.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Whatever you have planned for this year’s Valentine’s Day, we do hope it will be a marvellous day. It is not always about the presents no matter how thoughtful but rather spending time with the ones you love.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I know many people who don’t celebrate this lovers day because it is over commercialised. This is true but I don’t see anything wrong with going all out one night a year. Though showing your loved ones you care throughout the year is important, Valentine’s Day is just extra love. Our hope is that our list of the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas will be useful.

Treasured ⬇️

If there is one thing we girl loves it is to be treated like its Christmas every day. To feel loved, needed, wanted, to be treasured and I personally think this is the best gift ever. But it is a gift for 365 days not just on Valentine’s Day.


Home cooked romantic meal are always a great gift to the ones you love. Otherwise, dinner at her favourite place is also a great option and she can eat her heart out. For home cooked meals, I would recommend Hello Fresh as they provide the ingredients and easy to follow instructions.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Flower Bouquets

When it comes to flowers, a bouquet is always a great choice when it comes to buying flowers. I always emphasise you know what she likes and if you don’t know, a rose with a poem does the trick. For flowers especially those in Barcelona, I would recommend *Barcelona’s Florist.

Serenaded ⬇️

I don’t know about others but I definitely love being serenaded every so often and Valentine’s Day is good as any other day. Who wouldn’t love receiving special cards, store-bought better than handmade unless you are good with crafts.

Clean Home (if you live together)

Now, for mother partners who live together, us women love nothing more than a swanky clean home. Cleaned top to bottom just how we like it and throw in some laundry and its a winner.


Almost every woman I know loves sweets maybe not chocolate but a dessert treat. It pays to know her favourite chocolate or even cake or candy for that matter.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Personalised Gift

In my book, there is nothing more meaningful, special and gives me goosebumps than a personalised gift. I like to think the giver put some effort into picking my gift and maybe engraving it even.

Her Favourite Perfume

Us girls love perfumes and if you know our favourite or even venture out to pick something nice then its a winner. We love nothing more than making sure we are smelling the best

Hotel Stay or Spa Day

A nice little getaway for Valentine’s Day is always a nice treat especially when its a surprise. But if getaway is not possible, a couple’s spa day or even just her would be awesome.

Gift Cards ⬇️

I know most men get buffed with what to get their significant others, sometimes gift cards from her Favourite shops do the trick. If you know what shops she likes then pick a few gift cards so she can buy what she really wants.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Jewellery is also a good ideas, though not everyone loves jewellery it is almost always a hit. For those that don’t like jewellery go for something simple or maybe thing of an alternative.

Salon Visit ⬇️

I am not a girly girl but I do love heading to the salon to get my nails did and then my hair sorted. This would make a nice complimentary gift, let her get pampered then out for dinner.


If going out is a fuff then buy you some nice massage oil and give her that back rub. I do love getting massages at home and they are the best kind when we are watching something.

Love Letter

When was the last time you pen your heart out to someone you love instead of texting it to them. I love sitting by my window and reading old flame letters and just enjoying the penmanship.

Wine and more wine

I am not big on wine but I will drink it at functions or house parties with friends. All my girlies love their wine and we always buy some when we meet up.

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Quality Time

Quality time alone as a couple is another perfect present, no phones and just do what you love. I would love spend some quality time with my love at home doing our own thing that going out. Presents are nice but being present in that moment as you carry a conversation is even better.

Watch Her Favourite Boxset with her

Now these days we spend more time watching and catching up on box sets than live TV. It is so much easier to just binge watch your favourite show over the weekend. It might seem simple but just watching her favourite box set with her is also romantic and thoughtful.

I do hope that these 17 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas help you give your love exactly what she wants.

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