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If you’re anything like me and leave buying Christmas presents to literally the last few weeks or so then you know how stressful it can be.

Okay, it’s our own fault for not preparing ourselves and for leaving it ridiculously late and we say we’ll change but we never do. But knowing what to get friends and family can become not only stressful but so time-consuming.

Buying gifts for other women, I have no problem with. I will always find something. It’s not that women are easily pleased because let’s face it, we women like to have a moan now and then, and when we have something in mind, if it’s not spot on then we are disappointed; however hard we try not to show it. Men, on the other hand, their minds work in a different way. If they need something new, they will immediately go out and get it.

Every year we pull our hair out thinking of what gifts to get our friends and family. But if we really think about it, isn’t it always pretty much the same thing? All the offers for them delicious chocolates are out so you grab yourself tins of heroes, roses and quality street.

One for him, one for her. Oh, I’ll grab another couple in case I’ve missed anyone out!

And you receive so many identical tins from people, you may as well have just bought a tin for yourself! Then comes the bottles. I’m bound to have people over soon after Christmas, if we’ve managed to save a bottle, then we can crack it open another night! Plus don’t forget about the bath sets! I probably receive at least 15 bath sets every Christmas! ‘Oh, we’re not saying that you smell, but we thought it was a lovely gift, so you can soak in the tub after a long day’.

Hmm, but I have received an awful lot… Are you trying to tell me something?

christmas gift guide

christmas gift guide

I’ve been sent some great PR packages to review this month which I think will make great gifts for people and different to the average Joe impersonal gift.

See if any of the below items take your fancy and if someone comes to mind, save yourself some time and grab it before it’s gone.

Great for bookworms:

365 Days Of Happiness by Jacqueline Pirtle a.k.a FreakyHealer

christmas gift guide 2018

christmas gift guide 2018

I was so happy to receive this book to review as I love self-help books and anything that promotes happiness and inspiration. This book includes a page for each day that will give you instant positivity vibes and the motivation to take on the world. I’m currently only on page five but I will continue to read a page a morning until the book is finished. This book is a must-have for busy people that need time to get inspiration.

How To Be A Virtual Assistant by Catherine Gladwyn

christmas gift guide 2018

christmas gift guide 2018

Has a friend ever said they’d love to have their own business? Maybe a family member wants to go freelance but doesn’t know what they want to get into. Becoming a virtual assistant is a popular and great option for those who are computer savvy and eager to help others. To start with this book is very detail-specific and informative. It is jam-packed full of information and all the steps you need to take to become a successful virtual assistant. This book would make a really thoughtful and personal gift.

Social Media For A New Age by Katie Brockhurst

christmas gift guide 2018

christmas gift guide 2018

LOL at my dumpy finger

The first thing I want to mention about this book is the texture. Now, this may sound odd but I obsess over the way things feel at times and look for something comforting. The cover of this book is incredibly soft and almost velvety. It’s really nice to hold and the material feels nice. The pages themselves are smooth and silky and are the type of material you never want to crease. Anyway, back to the actual book review. This book had me nodding my head in agreement pretty much the whole way through.

There is so much to say about Social Media, good and bad and Katie really helped bring these points to light and discuss them in a way where you can really gain a deep understanding. If you or the person you’re buying for use Social Media (let’s face it, we all do) then you really should read this book.

Those with a sweet tooth:

Marzipan Christmas Hamper – Niederegger

christmas gift guide 2018

christmas gift guide 2018

Do you know someone who loves marzipan? This Christmas hamper is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. With such a delicious range of yummy treats included, the recipient will want to trade their usual selection box for this, that’s for sure!

The hamper includes:

1 Classic Dark Chocolate covered Marzipan Bar⠀
Assorted Mini Marzipan Loaves⠀
2 Chocolate covered marzipan sticks, (flavours chose at random but I received Cherry and Walnut)⠀
1 Flavour of the Year Apple Strudel bar⠀
1 Dark chocolate covered Santa⠀

For beauty lovers:

Why not buy them a subscription box? I’m signed up with Birchbox and Glossybox and have been for well over a year. Each of these boxes is £10 a month and you get 5 surprise treats from makeup to skincare and haircare. It’s perfect for those who are always on the go and don’t have time to shop for new makeup and test new products.

Here come the affiliate links:


christmas gift guide 2018

christmas gift guide 2018

christmas gift guide 2018

christmas gift guide 2018

There are 3 options if you want to pay for a pal to get a subscription.

  • 3-month plan – £38.25 (inc delivery)
  • 6-month plan – £69 (inc delivery)
  • 12-month plan – £132 (inc delivery)
If you sign up using this link you’ll get 20% off the first box!


christmas gift guide 2018

christmas gift guide 2018

Choose from:

3-month plan £30 +£2.95 P&P/month

6-month plan – £60 +£2.95 P&P/month

12-month plan – £110 – +£2.95 P&P/month (First box is free!)

Sign up using this link and save yourself £5 off the first box!

For the home lovers:

Natural Reed Diffuser in Pink Lavender – Pairfum

If you know the gift receiver loves a beautiful smelling home (who doesn’t?) instead of nipping down to your local Card Factory and picking up a candle with a cool quote or two, why not go for something different and try a natural reed diffuser? I’ve really taken a shine to these over the last couple of years. They’re a great way to keep your home smelling fresh and beautiful without the danger of lighting candles.

I got sent this product to review in the scent of my choice and I opted for Pink Lavender which was a good choice! The fragrance lasts between 3 and 5 months and it’s natural and organic. Yay!


Win yourself one! Pairfum is also throwing a giveaway which you can enter below to win one of these diffusers!

Win Pairfume Natural Reed Diffuser #7

I actually know people who start buying presents in September. SEPTEMBER! Every year I say I need to start getting everything sorted earlier and not keep leaving it to the last minute! But I have never changed. Sometimes I’ll get an odd couple of bits at the end of November, and the rest is bought in December! Normally I leave everything to the last minute and then hate myself for it. I refuse to go shopping from November onwards. I literally will not go to a shopping centre between November and January due to all the chaos and how busy it is! Everything is done online, and I mean everything!

When I used to work in retail, working over Christmas was hell! All the sales, the late nights, and the early mornings. And I mean finishing at midnight some nights, and starting at 5 some mornings. Whenever the shop closed, us workers would still be there 3-4 hours later, tidying up all the mess the crazy shoppers and bargain hunters have made. Thank god I am not in retail anymore.

I’m guessing October-November is the average time to get your Christmas presents sorted? It’s not always the smartest idea to leave it until December giving you the anxiety of it being delivered in time and having all that expense in one month.

So what do you think? And do you have any Christmas gift ideas that you can share?

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