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Over the last few years, I have been on a mission to curate travel bucketlists for each year. Last year I put together the 2018 Travel Bucketlist Final and I listed over 18 destinations I wanted to explore. In 2017, I explore over 23 cities in over 15 countries across 3 continents. It was an achievement I was certainly very proud of and wanted to continue to travel even further.

The 2018 Travel Bucketlist Final was meant to surpass the 2017 Travel Bucketlist and I reach for the skies. I am fortunate to be in a position where I can afford to travel as much as I want. But I realised along that way that I lost the true meaning of being a traveller. Hence for 2019, I am hoping to rekindle that true meaning with the Travel & Staycation Bucketlist.

2018 Travel Bucketlist Final

But before I get carried away with rekindling the true meaning of being a traveller, let’s recap on 2018. It was another incredible year of travel and couldn’t have asked for anything better.

2018 Travel Bucketlist Final Review

Throughout 2018, I found myself constantly rushing to the airport to catch that next flight abroad. Unfortunately during the chaos of booking multiple flights, I ended up missing a flight. I then had to buy a replacement ticket because I had a collaboration with a tourism board and I couldn’t miss it.

But overall, 2018 was an incredible year of travel and in this final review, I hope to share how I did. There were so many places I wanted to visit and thankfully I was able to visit them and more. I will break down the travels into quarters.

2018 Travel Bucketlist – Q1

  • Prague, Czech Republic – I had an incredible opportunity to collaborate with Prague Tourism and managed to visit Kutna Hora.
  • Toulouse France – I took my parents with me and collaborated with Toulouse Tourism.
  • Pisa Italy – This was another trip with my parents when I collaborated with Casale Amati holiday home then ventured to Florence.
  • Luxembourg – I had such a nice time in Luxembourg city then went to Vianden and climbed the castle for the impressive views. 
  • Athens Greece – Final trip of Q1 was to Athens, I enjoyed this solo adventure.

2018 Travel Bucketlist – Q2

  • Marseille France – It was such an unsuspecting coastal town, we absolutely loved it.
  • Zagreb, Croatia – Thanks to my, I travelled three times to to Zagreb.
  • Barcelona, Spain – I took my parents with me and we had a wonderful time.
  • Seoul, South Korea – This is now my third home as I visit yearly.

2018 Travel Bucketlist – Q3

  • Aalborg, Denmark – If I was ever to move abroad, this town would be high on the list.
  • Zagreb, Croatia – As luck would have it, I returned to Zagreb again for work and loved it. I then ventured to Bled & Ljubljana in Slovenia for a day trip.
  • Cologne, Germany – this trip was totally unplanned and not part of the bucketlist initially.

2018 Travel Bucketlist – Q4

When Q4 started, I was not sure if I would be able to complete the bucketlist and resigned myself to not finishing it. But then I realised, it did not matter if I finished it or not, I travelled plenty. I ended up adding one more country to the bucketlist that was not initially part of the 2018 list. This was Gdansk then I took a day trip to Sopot the Polish Riviera. I also added Bremen at the last minute but so glad I went it is gorgeous.

  • Antwerp Belgium – cancelled this trip and went to Poland instead. 
  • Helsinki Finland  – had a long layover but did not visit
  • Faro, Portugal – went and managed to visit Lagos and Tavira too
  • Salzburg, Austria – even with flight issues I made it.

I am very proud of what I managed to accomplish with the 2018 Travel Bucketlist Final. I saw so many places and glad to have added more places throughout the year. For Helsinki and Antwerp, these have been added to the 2019 Bucketlist.

Have you done a recap of your 2018 travels? Where did you manage to explore?

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