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25 bloggers share which blogging tool/platform they couldn't live without

We asked a cross-section of bloggers the below question.

What blogging tool/platform couldn’t you live without?

Here is what they had to say.


I think Yoast is a powerful tool . I can not post my blog live without it!


Canva is one of my favourite blogging tools. I use it to add text to my images and it offers you loads of different templates, fonts, icons, and more. I have even used it to create an infographic!
The best part about this tool is that it’s free – you have the option to pay for images and graphics if you like, but if you don’t have the budget for it then you can always use the free ones or your own.
You don’t need any graphic design skills to create great images, it’s easy to use and intuitive, and it saves you a great deal of time. I recommend it to everyone!


I could Not live without my schedule planner! It is full of amazing and simple strategies we tend to forget. I also can not live without my camera. I am not just a blogger but also a photographer so I document everything that catches my eye! It allows my inspiration to keep flowing and always adds a special personal touch to every story.


Google docs! I use google docs to type out my blog, add pictures and links. The best part is that I can update on the go since it is synced on my phone, laptop and iPad. I don’t have to send files via email to myself!

When I am done with my blog post I can seamlessly share the blog post link with my VA who then uploads it to WordPress.

Google docs makes blogging easier for me :)”


Canva is one blogging tool I probably wouldn’t be able to live without. I use Canva to create all the images and infographics on my blog and with the templates available for specific purposes such as for the blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, it has become easier for me to create images to publicise my latest blog posts over social media as well. This is one blogging tool I feel is a must for every blogger for an easier blogging experience.


Buffer is one of the blogging tools I couldn’t live without. A free app that allows you to schedule your social media posts! It’s perfect, especially if you’re going to be away from your laptop for a few days.


Yoast WordPress SEO.
SEO Plugin helps in finding a keyword or phrase that helps in keeping the blogpost focused and with search results. While Yoasts plugin can be used to type in a keyword that tells you on how many different spots on the page the post appears indicated by green dot for when you are ready to go.


Buffer for sure! It helps me get my posts out there when i’m not around to promote my links myself! So helpful, even the free version is useful! Love it and couldn’t be without for days when I can’t be online to promote myself! xoxo


I can’t live without Hootsuite. It’s an awesome way to pre-plan my tweets!


I love the schedule post function in WordPress. I can upload an prepare blogs when I have time and Know it will be posted on the day and time I need. Perfect for a busy working mum.


I absolutely love buffer! It allows me to schedule posts and see how well they are doing all in one place. I also adore Canva so designing easy graphics and blog title images.


For me the one critical item is a notepad. I mostly use my phone for this but sometimes revert to a good old pen and paper. I get my ideas for articles when I’m travelling so having something that is off-line is key. I’d put my camera down as my second essential.



Blogging is wonderful to share your thoughts and Images for all to view. That is why I can’t blog without using 2 editors that I go to to make my images more presentable.

I enjoy PicMonkey and Canva they are a great editing tool for people like me that can’t afford Photoshop or Illustrator and In Design.

I can’t blog with out using one.


Sendible – Because it saves me a ton of time scheduling posts.


I love the image editing software Photoscape for editing my photos!
It’s free, simple to use, and has everything I need to edit my photos and make them better and prettier! Even photos taken is bad lighting or just on my phone can look amazing.


I can’t live without my Buffer app. I schedule all my tweets and Facebook shares at the beginning of the week and I don’t have to think about it anymore.


Revive Old Post- It posts all of my blog stuff to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn automatically. Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped showing those posts. But I still wouldn’t give it up because it saved hours.


I love the Thrive Content Builder plugin for my WordPress blog. I love the speed and flexibility that it gives me. I can save my landing pages as templates, and I can brand them and fully customise them – you’d never know they were based on a template! Within a space of 15 minutes I can have a landing page with a gorgeous opt-in form embedded and connected to my email service, I can have a video hero (large video at the top of the page) and it even has templates for course and download pages. I don’t know what my pages would look like without it, and I wouldn’t be able to sell as many of my products without it!


I couldn’t live without the BlogGo app for blogger. It’s what I use to edit and publish all of my posts, and it is so responsive compared to the original blogger app. On this you can add links and page breaks even HTML codes in posts. It’s a god send and costs only 79p!


Ever since I discovered it, Evernote has quickly become my blogging best friend.
It’s such a simple tool, and I am only using the free version so it doesn’t cost to use it. It makes writing on the go super easy because you install the app on your phone, use it to make notes or write drafts and then install the app on your computer, which you can then open and pick up where you left off on your phone. I use my phone to write up draft posts, then open it up on my computer to edit, spell check and re-read before copy and pasting into my blog editor and then posting online :) it really is a great app that’s available on lots of platforms!


The one blogging tool I couldn’t live without is Buffer to schedule tweets on Twitter. I schedule my tweets for the whole week in one hit so I can spend the rest of the time writing up new posts. It makes life so much easier knowing your posts are being seen on Twitter when you are not around. Picks up a load of new followers while you sleep!


I couldn’t live without TweetDeck to promote my blog posts and to connect with my blog’s audience. It allows me to read tweets, like or share others and have fun with my readers in such an easy way.


Google! I don’t understand HTML at all, it’s like a whole different language so I just google all of my HTML issues and I find the answer with quick easy to follow steps they give me and I solve the issue


Oh gosh can I pick a few?!

Hootsuite – the bulk scheduling tool saves me loads of time promoting my blog posts on Twitter
Then I guess I have to say Twitter – amazing for promoting my blog with #s and interacting with other bloggers/finding other blogs
My iPhone – I take all my photos on it, edit some on Instagram on it & use Twitter/Hootsuite on it…!
Picmonkey – amazing for adding text to photos/editing images.


Twitter without a doubt! Not only can you connect and engage with the blogging community, it is by far the best place to promote your blog. There are Twitter chats for bloggers and also retweet accounts, so your blog is more likely to be seen by more people.



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