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29 bloggers reveal how they promote their blog posts to gain maximum exposure

We asked a cross-section of bloggers the below question.

How do you promote your blog posts to get maximum exposure?

Here is what they had to say.



I start by determining the target audience for that particular posts. Some I know will do well on Twitter, others I know will well on LinkedIn. I then double check the headline for the post is suitable for that location.

I use a tool called Thrive Headline Optimizer which allows me to split test 4 different headlines on the post so I can see which one resonates best with the audience and pull in as much traffic as possible.

Next, I use BuzzSumo to search what influencers are sharing in with this audience and make a list of people to connect, follow and message to start a conversation around my piece of content. Sometimes that’s just 3 people, other times it can be as much as 20 people.

Then I optimise the blog post and hit publish.

I start sharing on the platform that I’ve selected and then I look for groups on the topic, and share into those groups. I’m meticulous about researching where the post can be shared without looking like spam, and where I will feel happy participating and adding value to the group.

I promote the content for around an hour, and get the basic social proof in place. The next step is to email my newsletter. I ask for comments on the post, and I give a little backstory to the content. Comment requests are sometimes ignored and the subscribers share the post to their networks.

I look at the traffic coming in 6 hours after publishing to determine whether the piece of content has hit the spot. If it has, then I continue to promote the post on the chosen platform. If it hasn’t I analyse the content and the timings to determine if I had things right. If the content is published at the time of a news drama, then traffic will be low and that can’t be helped. But if there’s nothing obvious showing why the post performed below expectations, then I mark the post for revisions (this is usually doen 6 months down the line).

My final step is to market the post regularly on Twitter using selected hashtags and then pin over on Pinterest.

For the majority of posts, Pinterest will bring traffic of the right kind to the content, but the visuals have to be compelling.

Then, I down tools and start to think of the next blog post…



Use If This Then That to automatically promote blog posts the moment they go live.  IFTT can be linked to Facebook, Twitter and many other services to help give your blog posts an immediate boost the moment they’re published.



I link my posts to themed linkys hosted by other bloggers on certain days of the week. For example, TastyTuesdays is a recipe and food related posts linky run on a Tuesday. It is a great way to promote your blog posts, gets some interaction via comments and make connections with other bloggers.



Here are the three ways that I promote my blog posts and have proven to increase exposure (without any costs):

  1. Share on all social media channels (from Facebook, to Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter)

  2. On Facebook, when I share the new post I tag my personal Facebook profile, so my friends see the newest posts (they are supportive and share if they like what I post)

  3. Direct mailing – I have a poll of friends to which I send a personal mail and let them know that I have a new story on the blog.



I promote through all of my social media outlets at various days and times.   Using social media scheduling platforms really helps to get my posts constantly shared.  I use 3 different ones: Hootesuite, Buffer and a new one called Viraltag.



Utilise all social media platforms as frequently as possible. This includes the popular ones like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, but also the lesser-talked about ones like StumbleUpon.



I use Twitter to promote my new posts and schedule them through buffer throughout the day and the following week.



I use Buffer to schedule all my tweets. It takes me about 5-10 mins in the morning and evening and I’ve found that it really helps to gain more traffic for my blog, especially from the tweets that have been scheduled during the time I’m asleep!  I wake up to lots more page views!

I also find that taking part in twitter chats helps to give my blog more exposure as when I’m talking to other bloggers we find that we have similar interests and they’ll follow me and read my blog too.

Commenting on other blogs helps in many ways. I always leave genuine, well thought out comments and never say ‘read my blog’ or just comment saying ‘great post’. I just leave my blog link to sign off after my comment and usually the blogger and sometimes their readers will visit my blog and leave comments too.



My main tool for scheduling blog posts is Buffer and I use it in combination with a WordPress plugin called WP to Buffer. This automatically schedules the blog post on major social media channels once it gets published. After that I schedule some more updates to promote the post using popular hashtags such as #nutrition, #health, #bbloggers. I research popular hashtags using a tool called Hashtagify. (

For maximum exposure I also post a link to the blog post in various Facebook groups I am a member of and I also comment on blogs with CommentLuv enabled so that my latest post will show as part of my comment (I only do this if I have something to say of course, not just for the sake of it).

Finally, I have a weekly newsletter set up where my latest posts get promoted (I use MailChimp for this).



We share our blog posts when they’re published on social media but I think often forget to re-share.  To extend the promotion, share on Twitter two hours later; the next day; the next week; the next month and again two months later.  Join in and use relevant hashtags – #archiveday, #Tuesdaybookblog etc If you’re a Facebook user share again a month later and Google+ share the week after you’ve published and again the next month.  Keep a schedule.  I add to my blog diary to keep me organised.



I find StumbleUpon a great tool. I add my links regularly, and spend some time stumbling too.

I also Tweet using popular hashtags (I Google for those, and also see what’s trending).

My blog also has a dedicated Facebook page that I post my links and lots of other relevant news, links and pictures on. I also try and ask open-ended questions on the links to encourage engagement.



Using my blog name in Twitter and also having it at the bottom of my weekly column.



Promoting via Twitter, Facebook, Google+1, Instagram,snapchat plus join forces with other bloggers and have them promote them as well, while you promote theirs in exchange!



I use Facebook analytics to see which types of posts get the most views, I schedule posts on Twitter during peak times, I only schedule posts on Facebook using their scheduling option (they seem to do better that way), I share others’ posts for support as well as providing variety for my followers, and I promote the same post over several days several times a day because you never know who’s watching when!



I use a combination of tools including blogger stalwarts like Hootsuite and Buffer.

What I’d like to recommend today is Tailwind. Tailwind is a delightful Pinterest scheduling app. The smart scheduling system is a breeze but most of all Tailwind makes it easy to schedule lots of pins at once if you blog galleries of images. It saves so much time.



I share on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest I also share on blogging Facebook groups.



I find Buffer great to schedule tweets and gain great exposure. It’s especially good if you are trying to reach an American audience as your tweets can go out when you are in bed



Use Buffer app to optimize social media posts! You’ll be able to target your followers at the time of day they’re most likely to be online to see the blog links you share.



Joining in Twitter chats aimed at bloggers is a great way to not only promote but engage with readers/followers



Post links onto Twitter and Instagram multiple times for the same post. Also, use lots of hashtags to ensure maximum exposure (e.g. #bbloggers, #fbloggers,etc). When using hashtags people who search for those hashtags will also see your posts,



I share them regularly on Twitter, a great tip is to keep an eye on the blogger chats (and participate) and share a post you’ve done that is relevant to the chat topic.



I post in a few Facebook groups including one which offers a “”comment thread”” where everyone has to comment on everyone else’s post – this gets some engagement.

I schedule four tweets for the day the post goes live, four for the day after, and then one or two per day for the rest of the week, tagging Twitter retweet accounts to increase my reach. I have tweets scheduled throughout the day to recent posts and some from my archives to try and improve engagement with older posts – I use Hootsuite. I’ve also recently installed Twitter cards to see if that improves my clickthrough rate, but generally having an image in tweets helps. I also Pin to a relevant board on Pinterest and share new posts on Stumbleupon.



I share my blog posts over all the usual social media platforms, but the one that I find particularly good for referrals is Stumbleupon – I would recommend using it to all bloggers.



Twitter is the best free marketing tool I have used.  There are numerous business and blog hashtag hours where you can promote your blog posts.  You can also promote them throughout the day using various bloggers hashtags.  There are even several profiles you can tag and they’ll always retweet you!  For me it’s the best source of traffic to my blog.

I also use Instagram, but I’m still a newbie at this.  I have also recently started using Pick a Blogger who promote my posts and I’ve seen an increase in traffic thanks to them!



Once a post is published I will G+ it, share it on Twitter and Facebook (including in Facebook groups), pin it on Pinterest, share any relevant imagery via Instagram and stumble it. I also schedule additional tweets in for further dates.



I like to promote my new posts on Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram. I have also added a Youtube site to present my blog to Youtubers :)

I also use Shareholic on my website, so that my readers can share the article with their friends.



I promote my Blogs by sharing my Blogs on Social Media Sites like Twitter, Facebook and my Facebook Page, Share photos from my Blogs onto Instagram & directions to follow to find my link to my Blogs in my bio on Instagram and the same with Pinterest. I also daily Vlog on my Snapchat so I use that also to promote my Blogs also. I also promote by word of mouth, I tell family, friends and sometimes ask my family & friends to share on their timeline/pages too. I also use Facebook blogging groups as these are available to all bloggers to help promote your blogs too which is brilliant. Bloggers on Twitter also run blogging chats which are also good to join in because you share your links at the end of each blog chat.



Whenever I schedule a post, I make sure to schedule updates to all of my social media profiles too. I post multiple times over the first couple of days on twitter, and will regularly bring back evergreen content so new followers get a chance to see it too. Buffer is super helpful when it comes to this, and I have a spreadsheet with archive tweets in hand, so the process doesn’t take forever!



This is something I’m currently working on.  I try to create original content and share it on Twitter as soon as something posts.  I also like to support other bloggers and I found out that I often get loads of support back.



I share my post out as much as possible! Joining groups on Facebook and Google has helped. I also share out on the obvious Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Then there are link up parties that bloggers can join in with. There is always a chance that you will find a reader who gets what your blogging about, and a new reader is found.



Tweet from my account tagging business, tweet the business, share on facebook and google plus, share the pics on Instagram, and make a Pinterest board.



Do you have any interesting ways to promote your posts? We’d love to hear them.

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