When I was 7-years-old the thought of going to a cemetery scared me. Just like when I used to have my grandparents appear in my dreams, it would scare me, when really it should comfort me as a sign that they are looking over me.

I like to think of visiting the cemetery just as I would be when I visited their home. It might not be indoors sat on their couch but there’s nothing stopping you from chatting away. I would always talk away to granny and grandad about this, that, and everything. But mostly about school and what I had learnt that week.

Then a point in my life hit me where I was 13-years-old and I knew that I had to turn tears into something else, a more positive feeling. They were both gone now and there’s someone who could try to stay strong for everyone, perhaps it could be me?

Ever since, I’ve made sure I visit granny and grandad at the cemetery. Some people prefer not to visit at all, not because they don’t want to, but because they find it too difficult. Going more as I have gotten older has definitely helped me.


I chat to them about anything just like I always did in person. I still imagine grandad sat on the grass with his tartan patterned blanket and being fully equipped with everything you need to keep the plot clean and tidy.

Now, I like to think I can look after the both of them. They made it their mission to make sure we had the most of what life had to offer. I still go to them when I need help with something or I am praying to hear good news.

On Saturday 22nd July, it was grandad’s birthday and granny’s takes place this week on Thursday 26th July. I love that their birthdays are so close. I like being able

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