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27 bloggers share their words of wisdom for newbies who are just starting out on their own blogging journey

We asked a cross-section of bloggers the below question.

What words of wisdom would you give bloggers who are just starting out on their blogging journey?

Here is what they had to say.


Cluni Burton

To be completely yourself to stand out and be unique, be inspired but don’t copy and last but not least – the more hard work you put in the more you’ll get out of it.



Carla Ortiz

Starting a blog should be all about your passions and personal point of view. Once on the road, make sure to be consistent and network, network, network!



Lorrie Pearson

Blog about topics you love. It will be easier to write about subjects you love.



Tammie Parker

1.Make your photos as appealing as possible (NO clutter in the background, and nice lighting).

  1. Be enthusiastic!!!
  2. Get followers
  3. Get followers
  4. Get followers
  5. Get followers



Taylor Graces

You cannot do this alone, utilize everyone you know who can contribute to your goals.



Mardene Carr

Think long and hard before deciding on the path to take for your blog.  Sit down and figure out your long term goals for the blog as that will determine the name, platform and host you select.  When this is not done and somewhere down the road you want to change the direction, it might cost you a lot to do.  So before you do anything, spend some time on your strategy.



Jharna Bharwani

Content is king, but Engagement is queen. You can have the most inspiring and life changing words or content the whole blogging world has to offer, but if you don’t engage with your readers and/or clients and expand your audience it will be a waste of your time, your talent and your words. So share, connect, and talk to your readers/clients. They are part of the backbone to your success, and you have to keep them strong to solidify your ground.



Maro Akamatra

Write about something you really enjoy and feel passionate about, not  just because is trending! Write about things you’d want to read, things that move you! Be authentic not just another blogger!



Stephanie Metrogypsie

Do not bother starting if you aren’t ready to be committed.



Talia Brooks

It is so important for new bloggers to enjoy each  and every post that they write throughout their blogging journey! Focus on the quality of your posts and always run a quick check on your grammar before you hit ‘publish’. Also, connect with your readers and don’t treat every blog that you read as your competition. There is so much more to blogging than obsessing over your stats and trying to increase your following on social media. Bloggers need to make an effort to engage with their readers! If your readers can spend a few minutes of their time to read your posts, then you can take a few minutes of your time to get to know who they are. I can’t emphasize this enough: connect with your followers, be there for other bloggers and finally- be proud of your blog!



Tara Cole-McCaffrey

Be true to who you are!  Don’t create posts based on what you think others will like.  Instead, write and post what you are most passionate about and would like to see more of in the world.



Annette Anderson

When you get excepted by a company be sure to do all that they ask and spread their product across your blog and all  social media sites.



Angelica Ng

Produce content you are passionate about! A love for what you do will keep you blogging for years and years to come. Make it so that your blog becomes a place for you to express yourself, and hopefully one day, you will look back upon it with great pride.



MD Kennedy

For the first 6-12 months your only goal is to get followers/subscribers, not make money. So: 1) Make your subscription process clear and easy. (I love Opt-in Monster – free!!), 2) Write posts.  Lots and lots of posts. That are related to your subject(s) and grammatically correct. 3) Engage in social media using the 80/20 rule: use 80% of your social media posts to share others’ social media posts and internet posts/articles/news, the rest for your own. 4) Don’t fret about SEO, or other analytics. Or buy anything to learn how to “boost” your readership/followers. Content is king. 5) However, do use Yeost SEO – also free! – to make sure your posts aren’t all “red,” but don’t make your content look forced and artificial by struggling to get everything perfect for Google – volume matters more than anything.



Victoria Sully

Write about what you feel passionate about and what makes you happy.  Write when you want to and don’t feel pressured to write every day or to stick to a schedule.  Enjoy yourself – blogging should be a fun and happy experience :)



Leta Elliott

Be yourself, and remember that the first thing to get right is your content, your voice.  Don’t get into it for review product or to start a business, do it because you want to write or create great photographs.  Get that right and the rest will come later.



Sarah  Agnew

Keep producing content and pressing Publish. If you keep doing it, you’ll learn as you go and get better with practice. Procrastination is not your friend.



Emily Johnston

It’s so important to channel YOU in your posts – don’t worry about following what everyone else is posting and posting similar content. Your blog will stand out if you keep it as original as you can and post about things that interest you and that you are interested in. Make people fall in love with you and your personality.



Jodie Dewberry

Although blogging involves putting your thoughts out there for the entire world to see, it is a very personal process. Take your time, focus on the areas that make you want to rush home and open your laptop every day, and don’t get too stressed about the other bits. No blog was born perfect; blogging is always a work in progress so don’t aim for perfection. And enjoy it!



Michaela Ruud

I’m just starting out myself but I would say give your blog time to grow, you won’t get followers and comments over night.



Rebecca Meldrum

Write about topics you are passionate about, this will help you find your own little niche of readers that keep coming back to read your ramblings!



Thea Price

If I were to offer advice to someone new starting their blogging journey. I would tell them not to worry about the cliques, ignore them if you can.

Focus on you, focus on your content, what do you want your message to be and how to you want to present it?

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect right at the start but always keep working on your style and your skills.

And importantly. Network. Get your voice out there, tell people what you’re writing about and engage with the right people. That way the clique won’t be important because the connections you make will be far  more valuable than being part of any clique.



Anne Stone

Don’t expect people to just find your blog, be prepared to tell everyone about it. It takes time building up relationships over social media to drive visitors to your blog.  Don’t just link drop, take time, get to know people and they will be happy to share your posts for you.



Nicola Holland

Find a niche and make sure you love it. You will be writing about it for years to come so you don’t want to choose something that is just a phase.

Make sure you have a niche, it is what will attract readers. For instance, instead of a general travel blog, choose travelling with kids, or luxury travel on a budget etc. It will help to make you stand out.

Blog consistently, whether it’s three times a week or once a week. Always act professional and answer questions and comment back when readers interact.



Kimba Williams

Do it because you love it!

Start off self-hosted on your own domain

Resize and optimise images and upload with descriptive names

Have fun!



Briony Stebbings

Write about what you love, something that makes you happy and you believe in. Feel free to break all the rules. User amazing images, do amazing things and create something amazingly yours.



Kayleigh Tanner

Find your niche! The blogging world is already massively saturated, so what can you offer that other bloggers can’t? Find your unique spin on your topic and people will come to you for your opinion as well as your content.



Do you have any more words of wisdom? We’d love to hear them.


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