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36 Excellent Blog Post Ideas

Are you struggling to find some interesting ideas for your blog? Do you want your blog to succeed? It takes a lot of determination and dedication to come up with blogging tips and ideas on a daily basis that makes your blog viral or hot. Below are 36 ideas that will hopefully make your blog more interesting.

  1. Read A lot

Reading blogs and books will do more than help you get ideas; it also provides an excellent source of inspiration for your next post.

  1. Share Your Experiences

There is this misconception that people think that they can only blog about big and significant things. That is not true, you can get lots of ideas from the things you do in your daily routine and think other people might want to learn more about.

  1. Repurpose Existing Content into Different Formats

Different people like to get content differently. Take a key point from existing post and use it to repurpose the existing content.

  1. Encourage comments and emails

When you publish a post, it could harvest some different and interesting comments from people. Use those comments to build your next post around.

  1. Do Things other People are Scared to do

It is human nature to be interested in reading something you were scared to write yourself.

  1. Make Taking Notes Your Habit

Take note on different ideas you get on the internet. Anytime you get something new; add it to your notes. This will make you think of different ways and perspective to get a blog idea.

  1. Talk to Your Customers/Followers

We all ultimately write for our followers. If you make it a habit of communicating with them, you will probably hear about their challenges and problems. You could create a good post out of this

  1. Copy What has Already Worked for Others

Never steal from other blogs, but you can learn a lot from seeing the work of other popular bloggers.

  1. Go Through Social Media and Other Online Communities

If you know your customers probably and followers, you already know what communities they are involved in and what online platforms they visit most. Such platforms can be a gold mine for your blog post ideas.

  1. Research your focus Keywords

Researching your blogs keywords will give you a lot of ideas by knowing precisely the question your community want you to solve

  1. Interview Someone

Interview those individuals who have great stories behind their life, work or career.

  1. Review Books, Films or Products

People are always constantly looking for an honest opinion. Reviews will deliver a lot of value to your followers.

  1. Run a Contest

This will give a close attention to your blog and drive new traffic to your site.

  1. Make a Comprehensive Tutorial or Guide

If you have some special skills or you know someone who does, provide a tutorial or guide for your community to get up to speed quickly.

  1. Post a Cool Infographic

Infographic popularity has risen of late. It helps your followers to visualize data that is complicated. A picture paints a thousand words!

  1. Criticize a Person, Blog or Website

If you are courageous enough to air your views about someone, blog or website, then go ahead but make sure you have some real facts and a strong argument to back it up.

  1. Create a Photo Post

Share some of your favorite photos from your niche or your latest personal adventure.

  1. Write Inspiration with some famous Quotes

People always need some little motivation to get things done. Big things always start with small ones; your inspiration post can get your readers in the right frame of mind.

  1. Show Log Files of Intense Conversation

Everyone likes reading log files that are somehow offensive, funny or controversial.

  1. Write a Short Story

Publish a short story then ask your followers to give you some feedback

  1. Write down a Conspiracy Theory

Have you heard about some theories about famous people or events? Then it is time to come up with new ones or simply just share your opinions on the already in existence.

  1. Host a Giveaway

People always love stuff that is free, taking advantage of that will help you to go a great way in reaching a new audience.

  1. Share Recent Travel Experience

Whether you are in a travel industry or not, sharing tips and inspiration from your travel adventure is useful to your followers.

  1. Write a Post Responding to Some Recent or Breaking News

What’s your option on the latest breaking news? Try and report it from a different angle to everyone else.

  1. Make a Full Case Study About Something

Case studies reveal what you have done, how you have done it, and what were the results. Case studies give your blog the feeling of expertise.

  1. Invite readers to Write Blog Post

It is a win-win situation. They will build up their name or brand, and you will get some new content.

  1. Publish The Best Comment That Your Blog Has Received

Share blog comments that have raised fruitful discussions.

  1. Tell a Joke

Great jokes are entertaining, and humor will never get old.

  1. Publish a Post about Your Past Failures and Success.

Create a post about your past successes and failures and let others learn from them.

  1. Start a Poll

Let people vote on what they feel about certain topics. Start a poll and then write up the results.

  1. BuzzSumo

You can use Buzzsumo to find popular blog posts. Knowing what a popular post looks like helps a lot.

  1. Pinterest

A majority of people especially women are on Pinterest today. Studies show that an average American woman spends, at least, two hours per day on Pinterest. This makes it a perfect place to get blogging ideas.

  1. Ubersuggest

Use Ubersuggest to obtain a list of keywords. This will give you some good blogging ideas that can even generate traffic to your blog

  1. Google Keyword Suggestion

You will see some suggested solutions while typing into Google. These can generate some easy ideas for you

  1. Google Alerts

Set up alerts from Google, this way you can be alerted of more trending topics

  1. LinkedIn Groups

Join LinkedIn groups that are related to your niche. Follow discussions and pay attention to the type of questions asked in the groups.

Bottom Line

There you have it; if coming up with an idea is what is standing between you and your next post, I hope this article will go a long way to helping you.

About the author

This post is written by Andy Merchant, Co-founder of  Bloggers Required. When Andy is not working, he can found him with a camera in hand, pretending to be an amateur photographer. Find him on Google+ and Twitter.



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