37 things of being cold

This blog post has been inspired by how cold I am currently feeling. Anyone knows will know that I am always cold, unless I’ve just done a workout, ran around the park, or cleaned up and tidied around the house.

I’m sat here in jeans, three-quarter sleeved long top, and socks. Guess what? I’m cold. I’m currently having a cup of tea to decide whether or not it’s cold enough to put the heating on or not. The thing is, I don’t think anyone else in the house will agree with me that it’s cold.

But I am cold a lot of the time. My friend once bought me some Minnie Mouse hand warmers because she always knew that I had cold hands. People pick up on it pretty quickly.

Here are 37 things that, if you are anything like me when it comes to feeling cold, you’ll be able to relate to.

Just because the heating is on doesn’t mean I’m going to warm up straight away

Wearing a blanket around the house is appropriate

Drinking a hot drink really quick is normal

Pyjamas, dressing gown, blanket, and quilt are things I need

“Please can you just shut the window?”

It is cold – is there a window open?

My hands are freezing

I want to take my coat out tonight

I should probably wear a hat but I don’t like how it looks

Red nose – just call me Rudolph

Oh and red ears too. Isn’t this great?







Them: “You’re probably anaemic” You: “Nope. I’m just cold.”

Them: “It’s so warm outside today.” You: “Really? I don’t think it’s that warm.”

Them: “It’s boiling out there.” You: “I’m inside and I am freezing!”

Let’s have a McDonald’s milkshake… well that was a bad idea.”

Look, I have goose bumps!

Getting out of the bath and feeling cold isn’t good nor is having a cold bath

They don’t think you’re cold so you place your freezing cold hands on them.

Night out tonight with the girls… will I still look girly if I don’t wear a dress or skirt?

Your anticipation to feel some sun on holiday is overly exciting

You always put your cold feet and toes against your boyfriend/partner

You cuddle your boyfriend/partner to make you warm which results in him feeling like he’s in a sauna







Fluffy bed socks are for wearing during the day and night

Washing the pots is good for keeping your hands warm

Using the warm air dryers in the toilets is also good

The struggle to write when you’re shaking

The look on your face when you spot a heater in the room

Do mini radiators exist because I need one?

Hoping someone turns that air con off soon

I’m definitely wearing that vest top under my top today

You want to find jeans without rips in now because your legs can’t take it

Comfort over appearance any day

A hot meal. Yay heaven!

Do I really need to go outside today?

Looking at other girls’ clothing and thinking, “Whoa how are they not cold?”

You’re much happier when you’re warm

And all you ever hear… “You’re always cold!”

Read the full original post here authored by Natasha Bolger. You can visit her blog here.

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