Do You Believe A Few Words Can Inspire A Change In You?

I love motivational posts and motivational quotes. Not only are they encouraging, but the words can inspire a change in you. Have you ever read an article, post or quote and thought “hey, I never thought about things this way before?”

Light bulb moments? I have quite a few of these. I love writing about positive energy and thoughts. I want to share with you some of my favourite quotes to live by, and hopefully they will help inspire a change in you or someone you know.

  1. Happiness

Happiness is a choice. I believe we can all be happy every single day of our lives even when things are not perfect. Inspire a change in you by focusing on being happy every day.
It is a habit, so cultivate it.


  2. Success

Success is what we strive for. In many areas of our lives we do our best to make success happen.

As parents, friends, coworkers, business owners, partners. The list goes on.
I love to read success stories. Inspire a change in you by focusing on your goals.

Share your plans with others but keep some of the details to yourself until the time is right.


  3. Seek And You Will Find

I believe that you will always find what you are looking for. Good or bad.
Focusing on positive or negative is what you will see more of.

When you focus on the things that make you happy in life, the things that bring you joy, that is more of what you will see and what will manifest in your everyday life.

The same goes for seeing bad and negative things.

Inspire a change in you and others but focusing on positive things everyday of your life and watch amazing things happen.

motivational quotes find what you are looking for abblpin

  4. Self-Confidence

We have all felt moments of feeling inferior. It is not pretty.
Sometimes we feel inferior about things we have no control over like skin colour, handicaps, social classes.

I have learned that no one can make you feel at a disadvantage or inferior unless you allow it.

Inspire a change in you by staying strong, growing self-confidence, and speaking positive affirmations.

motivational posts inferior

  5. Embrace Challenges

A lot of times, we end up being or own worst enemy.
When we face challenges, we become frustrated, give up and are so hard on ourselves because we don’t achieve success on the first try.

When you face an obstacle, don’t go around it.

Inspire a change in you by facing challenges head on. In turn you will limit the obstacles you face.

The obstacle isn’t something standing in our way. It is the way that will guide you.

motivational quotes obstacle

Need some more positivity and positive affirmations in your life? Check out my resource library for great quote printables for you to download, tweet and pin!

How have you inspired a change in you? Do you have a daily mantra? Like “do unto others as you wish they would do unto you”?

What are the quotes you live by? Share them with me in the comments below.

Inspire a change in you and others today with these 5 great quotes. #3 & #5 are my favourites. Click through to read quotes to inspire a change in you and to motivate yourself.

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