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5 Key Tips To Use Visual Content On Social Media For Maximum Impact

Have you incorporated visual content as a part of your social media marketing strategy? If not yet, the time has come to reinvent your social media tactics by incorporated visual content for leaving maximum impact on your target audience.

But why using visual content is so important for social media marketing? This is just because they are very appealing to your target audience they also makes it convenient for them to go through your content, share and comment. In recent years, social media has completely changed into visual social media as it offers immense opportunities to the businesses for achieving success and act as a dominant tool in the armory of all businesses.

However, before learning about the successful tactics for using the visual content efficiently on Social media platforms for gaining significant profit, it is also vital to know the importance of visual content in the digital marketing era.

Visual Content- Why It Gains Noteworthy Importance?
• Pictures speak volume when it comes to promoting your business over the internet.
• Apart from being short and impressive, they leave major impact on the mind of your target audience.
• Human brain has the capacity of processing the visual content much faster than the textual information.
• You will be surprised to know that non-verbal accounts for 93% of total human communication thus making it clear that visual presence often has more impact than the textual presence.
• The visuals not only help in enhancing your visibility among your target audience, but they also build up your instant recognition by helping your followers to immediately identify your content.

Now, when you have understood the importance of using visual content on social media platforms, here I am going to list down 5 key tips to use the visuals efficiently.

1. Include Images for Better Persuasiveness
Images are always considered as very effective and powerful for displaying the information and they are also very easy to share across platforms. According to the latest MDG Advertising report’s revelations, the content having images included in them accounts for 94% of total views than the ones that lacks images. This makes it clear why visual content is most preferred for promoting businesses over social media platforms.

However, there are some points that shouldn’t be ignored while creating images for your businesses:
• Create images that could best represent your business brand among your target audience.
• Always set up your goal before creating images for your business that they should be capable enough of attracting people’s attention while establishing the visual connector between your online and offline marketing.

2. Merge Branded Quotes or Text to Your Images
Since images have the ability to catch the attention of onlookers more proficiently than the simple texts, it is advised to add branded quotes or text to make them more engaging. It also enhances their ability to stand unique from the crowd of newsfeed posts. Moreover, the perfect combination of textual and visual information can be effectively used for extending your brand story on the social media platforms.

Use the text or quotes from your fresh presentation, favorite article or blog posts, but always try to keep your visual content emotionally stimulating and visually appealing. It doesn’t matter if you are using your text based images on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, make sure that they have appealing graphics and font to match with your business’s feel and look.

3. Use Infographics, Charts, and Graphs
It doesn’t matter in which industry your business belongs, but using infographics, graphs or charts help in promoting your content’s authority and integrity. You can use any of these components or all these components for better persuasion of your customers over social media sites, since most of the customers over these platforms are interested in getting information through visuals or graphics rather than reading a complete paragraph or combination of paragraphs. For creating visually attractive and knowledgeable infographics, conduct a thorough research for collecting relevant and factual data that would interest your target audiences. Think about the latest strategies and ways your company or business fulfills your customers’ demands and incorporate these vital stats in your infographics successfully for better understanding and user engagement.

Share your data in the infographics across different social media platforms for enhanced interaction with your audiences and also remember to share this in a way that builds a profound narrative and creates the connection between your customer and business.

4. Use Conversation Starters in Your Images
Nothing can be great than using conversation starters in your visual content for leaving better impact over the audiences across social media platforms. Include your creative thoughts, questions, and call-to-actions in your visuals or images before sharing them over your social media profiles for generating improved user engagement.

Think about when you have examined your Facebook news feed last time and what has caused you to pay attention towards it and also judge by yourself, if that was provocative enough to impress your customers. You can use the questions or call-to-actions within your visuals and graphics to let your followers and fans respond on your posts thus developing a fury of conversation.

It is important to generate useful interaction with your visual posts on social media sites rather than simply posting images and pictures.

5. Use Creative Videos
Using videos is not a very new concept in digital marketing, but it is still undiscovered when it comes to its benefits. Using appealing and informative video posted on your social media profiles can help in generating huge impact on your target audience, which is ultimately important for driving traffic to your website.

You videos should be capable of providing a healthy combination of entertainment, information and appeal. Here are some important facts about using videos on social media platforms:
• Your product awareness among your consumers could be increased by 74% with the help of videos.
• About 1/3 of total online activity is accounted by video.
• Every single day, around 100 million people view video over internet.
• Video drives 75% of its viewers towards the company’s website.

Guest post by:

Jyoti Wadhwa is an entrepreneur. She is a web programmer and developer by profession. She is an Avid member of Design/Development community. She loves talking on several technical topics related to designing and programming.


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