Today has been a day where I’ve had the motivation to make a change. I woke up knowing I had a meeting with a National Careers advisor and I wanted to be full of positive energy. That’s exactly the feeling I’ve had today (other than having a stiff neck which has been quite annoying) but back to the main subject, today has been a day as good as any to feel optimistic.

I knew I needed some further advice for applying to more jobs and I’m so happy that I attended my appointment this morning. Knowing that I had been to see an advisor before made me wonder if I would come away with anything today but it turns out there was so much more to learn.

I was seen to by a lovely lady called Anne. She assisted me with my job search, suggesting different career sites that I hadn’t come across before. It was great to see different vacancies available to apply to rather than seeing the usual ‘you’ve already applied to this job’. I was provided with professional and supportive advice, which included improvements I could make on my CV.

Since returning home I have done five different activities which I have found to make my day more fulfilled and they have given me a greater sense of forward thinking. I know that I’ve had some positive feedback with applications and interviews, but I also know that there’s something more I could be doing to

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