We all have those days where we could use an extra hour (or 5) of sleep. Other times, even 8 hours of sleep can leave you with puffy, under-eye patches and tired looking skin.

Feeling tired is one thing, but looking tired can be severely depressing. Reasons for looking tired include dull, dry and puffy skin, dark under-eye patches and fine lines. However, you can noticeably brighten up your skin and make it look fresh with the following 5 tips.

1 – Natural Skincare Products

Natural skincare products such as moisturisers, creams, cleansers, serums, facial oils and other such treatments are the best way to hydrate, protect and smooth away any signs of tiredness and ageing. As a part of your daily beauty regimen, it’s important to use a combination of natural skin care products which can revive even the dullest of complexions without unnecessary ingredients such as harmful chemicals.

Natural skin care products contain organic ingredients such as Baobab, Pomegranate and Argan oil which are natural anti-oxidants that help fight the effects of ageing and tired, dull looking skin.

For a good beauty routine, use a natural moisturiser such as the Nakin Natural Facial Moisturisers at least twice a day, cleanse your skin with a toner/cleanser at least once and regularly apply facial oils and serums to ensure the best results.

2 –Hydration

Dehydrated skin not only looks sallow, dull and tired, but also tends to age quicker. If your job requires you to work during night-time or skip on the essential 8 hours of sleep, then staying hydrated is the best option for retaining a fresh, healthy glow. Start your day with a glass of cool water – you can also add a slice of lemon in your water for a Vitamin C boost to help your skin retain its natural moisture and glow.

Staying hydrated is also important for avoiding under-eye patches, puffy eyes and wrinkles – all of which combine to make your skin look dull and tired overall. Hence, it’s important to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, preferably with a

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