As a fairly new driver myself I am all about knowing safety practices when I am on the road. Just because I have qualified doesn’t mean I know everything I need to all because we are not trained for all eventualities. If you think about it 90% of learners only do it on a dry day no other weather to contend with. That is what we are familiar with and become confident in but then we panic in other weather conditions. I am lucky to have driven in really thick fog (driving test), rainy days and clear days. To ensure I am well prepared for the road, here are some of the safe driving tips I am following.

Once you learn to drive you open yourself to a world of many possibilities. The many public transport nuisances and limitations are removed and now you can travel to the next town without crossing 70 villages. Don’t get me wrong I do love the idyllic routes that some buses take but when you’re late it’s not so idyllic anymore. Before are some of my 5 safe driving tips for new drivers that I myself I am following.

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Don’t panic!! 

The day I bought my car I had to say a little prayer to the big man before I left the dealership. With dad following me behind I drove confidently (shook afterwards) home but turning into my road I made a slight blunder (coasting). The made the car swing in so fast I could have hit someone or another car if there was one, luckily there wasn’t. My dad saw that and afterwards told me in a stern voice to never to that again. What he didn’t know is I panicked and almost shit myself driving to manoeuvre that bend. I must confess I hate turning into cul-de-sacs especially when I don’t have clear view of where I am entering.

Drive now, text or call later

There are many times I have seen drivers on their phones and though it’s illegal now some still do

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