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Today is the International Day of Happiness, so I thought I’d reflect on how I’ve been feeling lately. Let’s face the facts: Life is stressful, terrible things happen in our world and many things just seem so awful and unfair! I know the cold, dark British winters don’t really help my mood either. However, I can still feel happy despite all of these things. Here are my 5 tips that I follow when I feel myself getting depressed.

1.    Do something that makes you happy

You’ll probably feel a lot happier if you do something you enjoy! Whether it’s taking a nice relaxing bath, reading a book, rocking out, going for a bike ride or doing some crafts, spending some time on yourself always feels good. Activities which involve going outside seem to be particularly happiness-boosting.

2.    Spend time with someone that you enjoy spending time with

Who do

Read the original post here authored by Laura Chesmer. You can visit her blog here.

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