One minute you’re a kid and you’re splashing around the pool, running up and down the street, and being a kid without any care in the world.

One minute your learning how to read and write and the biggest stress on your mind is having the right colours for school and that fashionable pencil case (or was that only me?) I remember my Barbie lunchbox and I am proud.

Then you wake up another day, you’re planning towards your GCSEs and you’re trying to understand science whilst you’re well ahead with those maths exams. I was told that usually if you’re good at maths you’re good at solving equations in science. Nope. That wasn’t my case.

Your GCSEs pass and then you find yourself attending college which is way more difficult than you expected it to be, if you found it to be how I did. University has come and gone before you know it and you no longer have an excuse to not be an adult. This is your time to adult. Job seeking and independence becomes your maturity level of the adult you.

There are more stages I have yet to complete such as moving out, but when you think of how far you’ve come already it’s great to reflect on those childhood memories. The times when everything seemed simple and relaxed. Let’s go back!

Playing ‘edgy/kerby’

What did you call it? I used to always worry about those extra points (made up from

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