Cats are known to be natural limber and curious creature. They are very playful and always active. But, some pet owners think their adult cats are dull old souls who want to nap in the sun and roam around the living room. According to experts if you play regularly with your cats and provide entertaining toys, they get easily satisfied. These also will keep them stimulated and help them exercise, which is needed to stay healthy and happy.

Here are 5 ways to entertain your cats without spending money that is feline-friendly and meets all of your cat’s need.

#1. Build a Risk-Free Outdoor Playground

Build a screened porch so your cat can experience the outdoors safely. You can buy or build a catio or an enclosure similar so you cat can have fun and enjoy the outdoors without the risks. An ordinary fence may allow other animals to enter your yard, if you want your cats out in your yard, make sure that you look after them. Don’t forget to cat proof the yard by assessing your fence and make sure that there is no escape route and no toxic plants, harmful chemicals and other objects that may harm your cat. In the UK the best place to start looking at cat proofing your garden is ProtectaPet.

Photo Credit: ProtectaPet #2. Put Toys Around the House

For several indoor cats, life is monotonous and boring. So you need to find a way to keep them busy and occupied as much as possible.

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Some cat owners think that cats are low-maintenance pets which make the felines bored and stressed. According to Ariel Mosenco, DVM of the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine, the wrong belief has lead to an epidemic of cat obesity and stressed associated diseases like urinary tract infection. Felines need interactive play time that will give their hunting instincts satisfaction and keep them active.

It means that being a

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