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  1. My name is actually Charlie. Not short for Charlotte, Charlene or Charmander. Just plain old Charlie.
  2. I was born on Tuesday 12th of May 1992 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
  3. I am literally the fussiest eater you could possibly imagine. I can’t go out for meals, if we get takeaway it’s always chips. I basically live off baked beans, cereal and yogurts and yes it is awful and boring but I cannot bring myself to put new foods in my mouth.
  4. I have an awful tattoo on my hip bone/lower stomach of a butterfly and flowers. I had it done when I was 17 and it repulses me.
  5. I have had laser removal on said tattoo but I still need a lot more sessions.
  6. I have had my nose, ears twice, tongue, bellybutton, rook and snug pierced but currently only wear a tongue bar, all the rest I took out but I will eventually get them re-done because I miss them.
  7. I hate fizzy drinks while they’re still fizzy, I’ll purposely shake them up so they go flat and I know I’m not the only one!
  8. I’ve had quite a few varied jobs but my favourite was actually working nights at ASDA. I had such amazing colleagues who made it fun, my manager was awesome and I didn’t have time to spend my money because I’d sleep in the day, so I was pretty flush back then!
  9. I have had red hair for 5 years now, I did go bright pink for a few months but I missed my red so I had it changed back. It is high maintenance and it’s very messy but I just wouldn’t feel like me without it.
  10. I will always choose to have a bath rather than a shower. Mermaid life.
  11. I have a Goddaughter called Emily and a niece called Paisley.
  12. I have never been abroad. I don’t even have a passport.
  13. When I was younger I was obsessed with frogs and toads. I would bring them in the house and take them to my bedroom and my dad would go mad!
  14. I have 2 furbabies, Chizzy and Lola, and I literally love them like I birthed them. They will always be my kittens no matter how old they get and they are going to live forever.
  15. I’ve only ever broken one bone in my body. It was my little toe and it was so awkward and painful I honestly would have preferred to break my arm.
  16. I met Adam when I was working in a pub he played pool at. He found me on Facebook, talked the talk and the rest is history.
  17. The first time I went to Adams house he threw an egg and said catch. I didn’t and it smashed on the floor. It’s funny now but at the time I was dying inside.
  18. The first time I ever had a panic attack I was in ASDA. I couldn’t see out of my left eye, I went all numb and dizzy and I literally thought I was having a stroke, we got home and called 111 and they sent a paramedic out. That’s when I first found out I had anxiety issues.
  19. I have already found my dream house and my goal in life is to buy it. It’s in Siddington, Cirencester and is around £250K.
  20. I have tinnitus and it drives me insane.
  21. Unless I have to go out somewhere, I’ll always be in pyjamas.
  22. I don’t like coffee.
  23. I don’t think I will ever learn to drive (anxiety).
  24. My favourite colour is white.
  25. I’m always complaining that I’m cold but I don’t manage my temperature very well and if I get too hot it makes me rage.
  26. I still can’t watch The Lion King without crying when Mufasa dies.
  27. I love sloths.
  28. When I was younger I used to think I was Matilda because we looked alike, I’d stare at things for ages trying to make them move with my eyes. It never worked.
  29. I also used to think Tots TV was based on my family. No idea why.
  30. Most of the time I like to be in complete silence.
  31. I love strawberry flavoured things but hate strawberries, and I love bananas but hate banana flavoured things.
  32. When I put jeans/bottoms on I have to tap my right foot on the floor three times.
  33. My favourite scent is Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.
  34. There is always a tin of Vaseline in my back pocket or handbag. Always.
  35. I wear Adams clothes far too much.
  36. I’m scared of aeroplanes and helicopters.
  37. I will always choose to shop online rather than physically shopping. I get to anxious and hot and I just end up stressed and not able to think straight.
  38. I love blue WKD.
  39. I hate wires, I wish everything was wireless. They’re just annoying and ugly.
  40. I genuinely think my postlady hates me because of all the parcels I get.
  41. I always feed the cats before I feed myself.
  42. When me and Adam decide to have children, I really hope we have a boy first.
  43. I didn’t enjoy secondary school at all, I hated going so my attendance was awful, but I still got fairly good grades.
  44. My favourite TV series of all time is American Horror Story.
  45. I don’t like Nutella.
  46. I’m not scared of dying but I am terrified of my loved ones dying before me.
  47. I always have my Weetabix hot.
  48. I love singing, even though I am awful.
  49. I have about 90 nail polishes but rarely use them because my nails chip and break so easily and it just makes me angry.
  50. I’m actually really boring! It was so hard to think of 50 things!
    So there we have it. A big thank you if you read all the way through! See you in my next post!


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