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6 tips to use social media effectively

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest… have a look at the most successful companies, the ones you admire, how many social media profiles do they have? Social media networks are a great tool for getting out there and they are one of the main tools we can use to expose our business without expending a great budget. However, we sometimes try to imitate the way these successful companies advertise their products and we end up disappointed after seeing that doing the same, doesn’t have the same effect in our clients, or even doesn’t have any effect at all! Why? There are many possible reasons: these companies aren’t similar as ours: they have been there for years, there are thousands of staff, we don’t know what their strategic plan really is and we don’t know the budget they invest in publicity (which probably is much bigger than ours). Now, let’s think the ways these big companies started to promote themselves back in the day with no social media, not even Internet as we know it today! We are in a better position now, aren’t we? All we need to do is “translating” the way these companies gained exposure 10 years ago, into our modern digital era. The following are some activities that you can easily manage in the different social networks:

1. Social media groups
Facebook seems to be the best platform to look for groups to join: you can participate in groups where your competitors or companies in the same niche as you open discussions, ask questions or share knowledge. This is a great way to expand your networking and maybe you find people who wants to collaborate with you.
Also, you can join the groups where you potentials clients are and offer them your products as a solution to their needs, or just get in touch with them to learn more about what they want and how you can adapt your product or service to their needs.

2. Chats
Twitter is the right social media network for this activity. Look for the hashtags that represent keywords for your business. For example: #techchat #bloggerschat … these chats are hosted by someone who is willing to promote an interesting discussion about your topic so you will learn some useful things and make some new contacts (who probably will become in Twitter followers too!). Again, you can also join chats where your clients are discussing about their opinion about one product or service that you offer. You just need to spend a bit of time on doing the research to find the chats that are suitable for you and their schedules and set an alarm in your phone so you don’t miss them.

3. Events
At the moment, Facebook seems to be the best tool to find and create events: in the search bar, put the name of the activity you are looking for (“bloggers networking”, “start-up workshops”…) and then filter the search by adding some details such as your location. You will probably find lots of events there, but you can also type the same search in Google. In addition, you can create your own events on Facebook, invite people (even if you think your Facebook friends can’t be interested, there is no hurt in sending an invitation and they may know someone who is actually interested), you can promote it in your other social media channels and again: you can participate in events with your business peers or with your potential clients.

4. Giveaways/Contests
Note that this is the first point mentioned here where you need to invest a bit of money or maybe you can just offer one of your services/products for free. If you are growing your number of clients, probably is a better idea to offer a gift rather than discounts or offers, because you want people to know your products and they will be really attracted to the possibility of getting it for free. Now, you can be very creative here and get something in return from your clients (and they won’t even realize!). You can set the rules of the contest as something that makes your clients go and visit your website and do a bit of research around to be able to answer a question that you asked them. Also, you can ask them about their opinion about one product or topic that you may want to know… There are many “call to actions” that will help you to have your clients engaged, especially if you can run these contests periodically, till the point when you feel confident about offering discounts for your products instead of something completely free, or maybe a combination of something free and a discount.

5. Campaigns
This is the other point where you need to spend some money, although if the previous ones were successful you may not need it or the investment may be minimum. Anyway, bear in mind that at the moment, all the social media platforms offer the possibility of creating targeted campaigns which is really useful, as you can reach your specific public and offer them something that they are looking for. Warning: make sure you know what your targeted public/clients are and what they want. To do so, have a look at the next and last point!

6. Statistics
Again, all the social media platforms available at the moment offer awesome and easy to use traffic statistics (which you can complement with more complex ones such as Google Analytics). Learning who your clients are and their behaviour is crucial to know what it’s working well and what it’s not working at all. Also, you can have a look at the statistics per post and the overall statistics which will give you a deeper understanding of how your followers react to what you do, and you will be able to adapt it and try new things: this is another useful feedback that your followers provide effortless.

In conclusion: creating engaging posts with links to your products is a great initiative, but you can be much more creative and make your followers actually enjoy following you. I hope you have found this post useful, and will be glad what you think about those points and if you would add more points to the list

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I’m Natalia and my blog,Wha2wear, is targeted to all the strong women who want to improve themselves every day. My dream is to help women of all ages to boost their confidence in all the aspects of life. Follow me on @wha2wear_


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