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Letting a home become dated can actually compound problems as there are things like the roof that could leak leading to rot or even mold. A consistent effort to maintain and update the home needs to be present as the home is a huge investment for many owners. Losing money on this investment can cripple a family financially and this can multiply if the housing market in the area is plummeting. Modernizing your home can increase your quality of life and even save you money on certain bills. Certain areas of the home can remain the same but much of the home will need renovating. The following are 7 ideas on how to modernize your home’s look.

Get Rid of That Carpet

When people think of a luxurious home they do not think about shag carpet from the 1970’s. They might think about wood flooring or some type of tile as not only is it stylish but maintenance is much easier than carpet. For those luxury homes that have quite a bit of square footage this can be extremely expensive. Doing one room at a time is an option but having the home in disrepair for months on end can make a home feel cluttered regardless of its size. There are even options for a homeowner to replace the carpet with tile that looks like stained wood. Take a look at the different types of flooring as you might find something that makes your home look as modern and chic as ever!

Gutting The Kitchen

The kitchen often times is where people congregate during parties or during the day due to food being readily available there. Gutting the kitchen at times is all a homeowner can do to make the home look as modern as possible. Adding marble countertops can look sleek and add color contrast to the rest of the kitchen if the right color marble is selected. Cabinetry can come in a variety of ways but glass cabinets where a person can see what is inside them not only is practical but looks extremely luxurious. A kitchen island is the final part of the kitchen that is a must have for any luxury home as it allows the cook to have more counter space to put finished dishes.

Add Path Lighting

Adding lighting to the path to your home or in the backyard not only is practical but makes a home look modern. The fact that path lighting is as inexpensive as ever makes this a necessity for all luxury homes. These lights can even power themselves as there are certain path lights that are solar powered. Along the path you can also have Bluetooth enabled speakers for the ultimate entertaining backyard. Do not venture out in the dark simply because you didn’t light the paths of your sidewalks. Eliminate the scary feeling of taking the garbage out in the dark by illuminating your path.

Increase Natural Light By Replacing Windows

The demand for natural light has grown over the years with various home improvement shows becoming more and more popular. Increasing natural light can be done by putting larger windows in and completely changing the energy of a specific room. Homes with old windows could be letting out heat or cold air causing the electric bill to skyrocket. Putting in energy efficient windows not only will save you money on electric monthly as well as energy efficient upgrades are in high demand. A renovation that ends up paying for itself via savings is the right move for any luxury home.

Crown Molding

Crown molding accentuates the details of a home and its craftsmanship. The can give a room the finished look as rooms without this molding can look incomplete or poorly designed. This molding can be affordable depending on what material the molding you choose is made out of. This does not mean that you have to do every room in the home but rather the rooms that visitors see. Owning a luxury home that only look great from the outside is great for curb appeal but not so much for resale.

Sleek Yet Inexpensive Furniture

Home Living Furniture, a furniture store in New Jersey notes that “With the demand of modern looking furniture, pricing has become much more affordable due to the vast amount of modern furniture being produced.” Doing all of the renovations in the world will not make a home look modern without the furniture matching as well.  Contrast between the floor and furniture is important to create the clean lines which are a staple of modern homes. Look into purchasing new furniture as this might be all it takes for your home to be as modern as ever!

The above tips will help transform a home stuck in the past into a home of the future. What are some other ideas you have to make a home look modern?

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