7 Crucial SEO Tips For Beginner Bloggers

7 Crucial SEO Tips For Beginner Bloggers

If you publish an article on the Internet, you of course want people to read it. In this article, I will give tips on how to write search-engine-optimized content, which will result in higher rankings and better visibility of your website in search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is a must in order to get more website visitors. Use these SEO tips and you will certainly start noticing that more people read your articles.

Tip 1: Use the right title and keywords

The title of your article is crucial. It’s best to come up with an interest-arousing title. Make sure that the title is so good you would click on it yourself. If the title doesn’t arouse people’s interest, they won’t click on it in search engines. Another important thing in SEO is to use the right keywords in your title. Keywords are the words or combinations of words that people search for in search engines. But how can you find the right keywords? Well, there are several great keyword tools out there, both paid and free. Keywordtool.io is a free keyword tool that I would recommend.

Tip 2: Write great content

In order to attract people to read and keep reading your articles, they should be of high quality: well-structured and written in an appealing style. If people like what you wrote they will most certainly share it with their friends on social media. With a little bit of luck, other bloggers or webmasters will even link to your amazing articles. This will improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Tip 3: Use subheadings

Aside from the fact that it makes your articles more attractive and much easier to read, using subheadings will also help you rank higher. Search engines can detect keywords in subheadings, so make sure you put the keywords you want to rank for in the subheadings of your articles.

Tip 4: Make sure your content isn’t too short and use pictures and keywords.

It is advisable to stick to a content length of at least 300 words. Although there is no minimum content length, with short articles you will very probably have a hard time ranking high on Google. On the other hand, make sure that your lines aren’t too long, this may cause people to quit reading your articles. To make your website content more attractive, I would recommend using different font styles (bold, italic, underline) and pictures. There are lots of free stock photo websites out there, such as Freedigitalphotos and Pixabay.

When creating content for your website, make sure to regularly use the keywords you want to rank for, but don’t overdo it. If you use some keywords unnaturally often, there is a big chance that it will have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Tip 5: Use synonym keywords

Use synonym words of the keywords you want to rank for. This will help your article rank for keywords that your article otherwise wouldn’t have ranked for. Aside from the fact that you will rank for more search results, using synonym words also greatly decreases the risk of using too many of the same keywords.

Tip 6: Link out to others from your website

Linking out to external pages and high-authority websites, such as Wikipedia, is a sign that you really want to help your website visitors. Search engines will reward you for this with higher rankings of your articles.

Tip 7: Encourage website visitors to comment

Search engines love it when website visitors comment on articles. Having a lot of genuine, high-quality comments (that possibly even contain your keywords) tells search engines that your content is worth reading. Therefore, your articles will appear higher on search engine results pages.

So, if you have great SEO tips that others should know of, please tell me in the comments. Hopefully, this article will help you create search-engine-optimized content. Thanks for reading!

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Jeroen Van Gils has a huge passion for blogging, affiliate marketing and SEO. He is the founder of Recent Reviews, a review website for digital products, such as eBooks, online courses, memberships and software.



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