As a busy bee and a first-time mom, I am always on the go. Learning how to do things simpler, better, to save me time and increase productivity. Patience, humility, and enjoying the moment are only a few of the things my toddler has taught me.

Over the past two years since having my little one, I have learned so much. Some interesting, some shocking, funny stuff and other times not so much.

Breastfeeding vs. bottle, sleep training methods, maternity leave, daycare etc. are all the big things. Then there are the small lessons, the things my toddler has taught me.

Here Are Seven Things My Toddler Has Taught Me About Being A Mom

1. Patience Is A Virtue!

7 Interesting Things My Toddler Has Taught Me Feature ABBL Patience

Yes it really is, and you know what else? Your kids provide you with a refillable cup of patience. They will try to test you, bring you to the verge of losing your sanity, then push you right over! Yet you still find patience, even if it’s just an ounce of it.

2. The Colour White Is Not Your Friend

7 Interesting Things My Toddler Has Taught Me Feature ABBL Colour White

It starts when they are teeny tiny. A newborn baby spits up on your white dress or top. Oh well, you think. I have the cutest, healthiest baby in the world.

Then you feed them solid food, and they play with the food or throw it at you. When they crawl, they get their hands into everything.

Dirt, pudding, baby food. Then they use you as a crutch to stand up. Smearing those white pants or leggings you have on.

But no, they don’t stop there; they get going when they start to walk. Nothing is safe.

The walls, carpet sofa; did I mention clothes? Just avoid white. It is not your friend.

7 Interesting Things My Toddler Has Taught Me About Life

3.  A Hug Can Change Everything

7 Interesting Things My Toddler Has Taught Me Feature ABBL Hugs

I have a toddler, so we are in the “terrible two’s” phase right now.

My little one seems to just love the word ‘NO.’ No this, no that.

Sometimes he is just being extra, and other times it is for attention or affection.

So when your child is exhibiting behaviour that could take Maria Theresa off of her pedestal, give them a hug.

It can change everything. Even if they pretend not to want it.

4. Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Moms

7 Interesting Things My Toddler Has Taught Me Stop Comparing Feature ABBL

I cannot stress this enough. So many first-time moms compare themselves to other moms.

Feel guilty about not knowing the exact and perfect thing to do in each situation. Stop it. There is no point.

You do not have the same child, so how could everything that works for one mom work for another?

I am from a family of five kids and we are all so different.

Sure we have similar traits but if we were to be described individually, I am sure that no three traits would be the same.

Live your life in a way that makes you happy, and do what is best for you and your baby.

‘Read your baby, not your baby book.’Click To Tweet

5. Your House Will Never Be Completely Clean

The sooner you accept that the better.

I used to drive myself crazy trying to wipe crumbs off the table, clean up spilt juice, clear all the toys away.

I was like a helicopter, hovering over my little one, watching him with hawk eyes. The moment the crumb dropped to the floor, I was there with the dust-buster.

But hey – I have learned my lesson. There is just no point in doing all that.

My little one gets irritated at this mama bear who will not leave his side because she is intent on getting that one drop of juice wiped off his chin.

No one is happy.

So I just let him make a mess and when we are going from one activity to the next I clean.

He also loves being mama’s little helper so we turn it into a fun game too.

The house is never spotless and I doubt it ever will be, who cares? Imperfection is okay.

6. Things Change So Quickly

7 Interesting Things My Toddler Has Taught Me Feature ABBL Hugs Never underestimate

Often times I look at my toddler and I am so amazed by him and all he can do already.

At times it seems like overnight he grew up and can now do something he couldn’t the day before.

His sentences, both in English and German are getting better by the day.

It is marvelous how much information he can soak up and repeat or explain to me.

The milestones are wonderful and I am savouring each and every moment.

7. Never Underestimate Your Child

7 Interesting Things My Toddler Has Taught Me Feature ABBL Hugs Never underestimate

These 3-foot nothings are so amazing! They know much more than they can currently express in words!

I have learned never to underestimate my little one. My little one says “mama” maybe a thousand times a day.

No kidding.

This is probably the most interesting of the things my toddler has taught me because children can do so much.

At times they may take their time until they are ready and sure of themselves.

Never underestimate the fact that they are capable. Know when to talk and when to listen.

Being A Mother Is Also About Much More Than That, Isn’t It?

7 Interesting Things My Toddler Has Taught Me Feature ABBL A mom

It is a gift and a privilege that I hold very close to my heart.

My toddler has taught me to cherish the countless moments and memories, have and demonstrate this unique and unconditional love.

Thanks to my little one, every day’s an adventure.

I am living a life with a love that is boundless, endless, and therefore unconditional.

Are you a first-time parent, or a parent with grown up kids? Please share with me one or two things you have learned from your child.

Looking forward to hearing them.

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Toddlers are so small but can teach so much. Here are 7 Interesting things my toddler has taught me. I am so happy that I am a first time mom with a great child whom I can learn from. Have your kids taught you any of these? Click through to read more.

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