7 Solutions That Will Keep Your Skin Smooth Keeping your skin smooth will keep you looking younger longer. Here are just a few simple ways that you can preserve your skin.
A lack of oil called sebum causes our skin to dry up more quickly, which in turn causes wrinkles and a paler complexion. As we get older, our skin naturally produces sebum less. Cold dry winter nights and stress can also affect our ability to secrete this oil. We can ensure that our skin gets these oils by moisturising on a daily basis. Liquid moisturisers are best suited to those with greasy skin, whilst creamy oils benefit those with dryer skin. Some products such as after sun and cosmetics may have mosituriser within them to help combat dryness.
Wash your face daily
A daily wash with hot water and soap helps to open up and clean all the pores, preventing blackheads and spots from appearing. However, be careful with scrubbing pads and rough flannels which can irritate the skin. Some people naturally may be more susceptible to spots, in which cases products such as tea tree and witch hazel can be helpful to use whilst washing the face. In fact, you can buy tea tree soaps , which are great for getting rid of those blackheads on the nose and chin.
Treat acne with antibiotics
In some cases, spots may develop into acne, which when untreated can cause permanent scarring to skin. This can be genetic or may be the result of stress and so is not always preventable through traditional face washing methods. In fact, there are many specialist products on the market that may be more suited. Duac Gel is for acne and contains antibiotics within it that can stop the skin from flaring up. Your doctor may also be able to offer antibiotics or other solutions such as laser treatment.
Avoid allergy irritants
Skin products that cause allergic reactions could be causing permanent

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