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8 tips on how to quickly tidy up your home.

 8 tips on how to tidy up your home. I don’t think there is anything worse than feeling unprepared! Especially when you have unexpected visitors. So I thought I would do a post with some tips on how to quickly tidy up your home, when unexpected visitors come round. Don’t try to hide, so they don’t think you’re in. Just create a little plan for those moments, when you’re caught out. If it isn’t just you in, perfect! Give each person a set room and a plan and you can get it done super quickly. Try not to feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and then follow these 8 tips.

According to a recent survey by, over 80% of Brits hate it when people come to visit unannounced. I think this is because people decide to always come over when your house is at its messiest.

8 tips

1.Open the windows and curtains.

Soon as you get a bit of light and air in, the whole room just starts to feel much more fresh!

2.Light some candles and some wax melts.

This makes a home feel more homely and you can do it so quickly! Also added bonus of them filling your house with an amazing smell. I especially love any linen smells. It just smells like clean washing and makes your house smell so good!

3.Put your washing in the dryer. 

This helps to move your washing out of the way quickly and also fills the house with the fabric softener smell. 2 in 1, Perfect!

4.Plump up the cushions and fold the throws.

I always have to do this and it just makes the room, look so much more fresh.

5.Cordless Vacuum.

I have a cordless vacuum and it is so handy, especially on days when you have unexpected guests! It is so much quicker than dragging a big hoover around.

6.Wipe over everything with anti-bacterial surface cleanser wipe.

It is so easy to just grab a pack of wipes and quickly just wipe everything over.

7.Fresh flowers from the garden.

If you have a garden and like your planting/flowers. Hopefully there are some flowers out there, to go and cut some and put in a vase. Fresh flowers always makes a room feel more clean and just look and smell so nice. Or put a bowl out of fresh fruit.

8.Fill the sink with washing up soap.

I will always do this in a rush, if people are coming over unexpectedly. It just creates lots of bubbles, so they just think that you have been doing the washing up. Also if you have a dishwasher fill that to! Make sure you wash the cups and glasses you know you’ll be using. The dishwasher can take a while, we don’t want the guests to not be able to have a drink! Because the cups are in the dishwasher.

After you have finished put some relaxing music on, pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Walk round the house to give it one last check, to see if is anything out of place. Then hopefully you can relax and enjoy the guests that have come to see you. Also share these tips with a friend, so that they don’t feel as stressed, when you turn up to their house unexpectedly.

I hope you can take away some tips from this post and share it with friends.

Kirsty Kinsella

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