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Consistency is key and a good use of branding will help to attract your audience and make your work visually appealing. Not forgetting instantly recognisable.

It’s important that the branding of a business fits in with its niche. Ensuring that it’s something that your readers will be naturally attracted to is essential. I’ll get more into the ins and outs of it later on in this post. The key thing for you to understand first of all is that the eye is always drawn to something it likes the look of. Mine always seems to be drawn to chocolate and sausage rolls, but that’s not a conversation I’ll get into…

We spend so much time browsing through social media, flicking through photos and jumping to whatever stands out the most.

It’s obvious that a good use of imagery goes a long way and converts the most. If you were to pick a design to click on, would you choose a dull one with a plain typeface and no imagery? Or the bright one with a good layout and design that has an eye-catching use of colours and typography; + effective marketing words to draw you in and get you to click? I’m sure most of you will be thinking ‘the second one!” Exactly… This is why imagery is important!

One of my favourite platforms is Pinterest. Not only is it a search engine, but it requires visual aid which is how imagery helps for users to click on the content and be taken directly to your website. If you use it the right way it can be MASSIVE for driving traffic to your blog/website. You’ve probably heard that a thousand times but it’s true. If you create attractive and eye-popping pins, then they are much more likely to get re-pinned and drive lots of traffic to your blog.

Why does imagery work?

Simple. Eyecatching imagery = attention held. So make the most of it! Once you’ve grabbed your audiences attention get your message across. If graphic design isn’t your forte then there are loads of other options that you can make the most of to create AWESOME designs!

My go-to tool is Canva. It’s completely free and there are endless ready-made layouts that you can choose from. They have pre-made templates set up where you can choose from: blog graphics, pins, banners, Instagram squares and many other sizes. Perfect for whatever you need! All you have to do is make a choice and adjust the design accordingly.

Why use imagery?

Do you know how imagery affects tone? It’s incredible if you compare two different designs, both with the same text but with a different design/colour scheme. When comparing the two you will find one that speaks more to you, and it may be because it’s more visually appealing with eye-catching colours and designs. It could be because one font is small and fancy and the other is large, square and bold. You can easily read the text in a certain tone of voice just by the font that is used.

Knowing how imagery is used in the right way isn’t as complicated as you may think. It’s impossible to pick out good and bad designs as everyone will have a different opinion and unique tastes.

Why imagery is powerful

Knowing how imagery is effective is important to know before you get started with your creations. Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme and your favourite couple of typefaces, start brainstorming on your favourite layouts. See what stands out the most to you. I think it’s really important to stick with the same typefaces and colour scheme when designing your branding. It will make you much more recognisable. The more you promote and share, the more people will instantly think of you and link you to the graphic. Consistent designs are why imagery is effective for your branding.


  1. Understand the importance of imagery and where to use it
  2. Decide on your branding/colour scheme
  3. Ask yourself whether your branding fits in with your key message
  4. The imagery you use should reflect your brands’ tone of voice
  5. Start using Pinterest to promote your graphics and drive traffic
  6. Use Canva to start creating graphics
  7. Create/design templates that you can easily edit and use again and again
  8. Be consistent so your audience can recognise you easily

Put yourself in the viewers’ shoes. What would make you click for more?

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