Just because a car seat has passed standard testing – doesn’t mean it’s passed all testing. There are several crash tests that are superior to the standard R44.04 crash test. Let’s take a look!

Under Regulations ECE R44 04, seats must, amongst other requirements, undergo:

A frontal collision testing at a speed of 50km/h A rear impact collision testing at 30km/h. In Supplement 16 of R44 04 the seat is also subjected to a rollover test. Uses the P-dummy family

Here is an overview of these crash tests to help you, but it’s still important to know that any rear facing car seat will be safer than a forward facing car seat – no matter what testing it has been through.

It is worth mentioning though that a crash at 50km/h is the same as a 10 meter drop fall. Or a fall from a 3rd story “balcony”. So it is indeed quite an impact on the body…

One of the most common crash-test is done by the ADAC in Germany. These test results are then bought by other consumer companies and re-published to the public depending on what country you are in. For example in the UK, ‘WHICH?’ consumer magazine publishes these tests, in Norway, you have ‘Forbrukerrådet’ and so on.

An important note is that in the ADAC testing – the complete score that for example WHICH? Are posting as a result -are not solely the car seat’s safety results.

50% of the result is ‘user friendliness’ and the other 50% is the actual crash test result. Sadly these are not scored separately which can be confusing to someone who doesn’t know what to look for.

Therefore it’s very important to not only look at the ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Don’t Buy’ when looking at these tests, but look into the actual crash test result as this is what really matters in the event of an accident.

This is one of the reasons why Impact Shield car seats have previously had a very good score and several ‘Best Buys’. But the Impact Shield car seats are forward facing only

Read the full original post here authored by Therese Gilbert. You can visit her blog here.

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