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A different Kind of self-love.

*This item was gifted to me by Lovehoney*

So this is a different kind of blog post that I have ever written. But I was kindly gifted this Deluxe Wand from Lovehoney and I thought why not write a blog post about it? At first I was a little bit hesitant to write about a sex toy! Because that isn’t really what my blog is about and then I thought to myself it is a healthy kind of self-love and it isn’t something to be embarrassed about! I think everyone should learn self-love.

I am always talking about self-love, self-care, self-awareness and all the rest of it, so why not talk about a healthy natural thing that everyone does? It isn’t just for men! It’s for everyone to enjoy.It has always been something to hide and not many women use to talk about it, but now it is definitely more accepted. I would never have spoken to my friends about this when I was younger, now I am older it is just normal to talk about. Me and my friends now always talk about the new sex toy we have been using, or just talk about sex in general. It is so healthy. Sex shouldn’t make you feel guilty and nor should using a toy.

magic wand vibrators


I have been single around 3 years now and I am happy being single. I decided when I broke up with my ex, that I would concentrate on myself and learn to love myself fully and that is what I have been doing. So for the last 3 year I set out to find all the things that would help me learn to love myself.

I still get moments of feeling lonely and wanting to be with someone, I think we all want that. But right now I know I am still learning about myself and I am happy with me right now,  if their was someone new to come into my life, I think I would be much more ready now.

I learnt a lot from my ex and one thing I learnt was to love sex. I was always a bit reserved with sexual things when I was younger . But I am a bit more open now, still very much respectful of myself though. I would highly recommend using a sex toy! It helps you to know what you like and that helps the person you are with. So you can openly say where and what you like.

This sex toy is also a back massager! Perfect for using with someone else to. It is quite expensive at £79.99! Also it is quite loud. But the settings and different speeds are so good!

Deluxe Magic Wand is the new and improved version of the Classic
Mains powered for strong, powerful vibrations
2.4m cable for flexibility and reach
10 speeds and 20 patterns for intense orgasms
Flexible neck and silicone head for body massage

Thank you so much Lovehoney! I have loved working with you and thank you for my gift.

I hope you like posts like this, It has definitely been out of my comfort zone!

Love Kirsty x

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