After presenting you with my free printable reading journal last month, I’m ready to reveal a new one.  I also use this one although it isn’t an everyday essential.  I give you a free printable for recording your blog statistics. 

I record Beth in a Box’s stats on the 1st of every month… it’s not important in the sense that the world will end If they don’t get recorded.  But, as a blogger, stats are generally rather important. 

Why do I record the blog’s stats?

I like to see progress

Or not… as the case may be.  I measure myself by the progress I make.  That is in all aspects of my life including weight, in games.  Numbers actually mean a lot to me.  However, I try not to let the numbers I see on my records affect me.  I have good months and bad months but the general trend seems to be good.

Very often stats are asked by PR’s or SEO’s looking to work with bloggers

This includes Domain Authority and Traffic.  Sadly, it’s the way this world works.  I don’t put too much stock in it all the time because I still get opportunities but I also don’t have the time to overload myself.

My meagre stats work for me in the most part but all I ultimately want are opportunities that benefit me and add value to my blog.  By recording stats monthly it makes it easier for me to give out the information when I am asked for it.

So with this in mind, I’ve created a printable that I use myself to record my own stats.  It is still a work in progress but has the important ones to me already included and plenty of space to add any other metrics you desire.

It is available in 3 sizes – A4 print on A4, A5 print on A5 and A5 print on A4. 

  A4 Print on A4 Monthly Stats A4
  A5 print on A5 Monthly Stats A5
  A5 print on A4 Monthly Stats A5 print on A4


If you want to use this printable but it isn’t quite right and you want some extras included let me know and I’ll edit it.

Now, a question, do you have any ideas for printables that you would like to see?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to my list. 

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