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Dear Autumn,

I say this every month, but time is going much too fast! It seems barely any time has passed since I was writing a letter to you at 6 months old! You’re so big now, it hurts my back to carry you. Nanny found my book from when I was a baby and you weigh around 3lbs more than I did when I was your age!

What a good girl. When you came out of hospital after being seriously ill, I kept telling you to drink your milk. I told you that it would make you grow big and strong! Here we are almost half a year later and you’re doing so well.

On the day you turned 6 months old, we were filmed by BBC Breakfast. You’re now officially a TV star! I know I’m biased, but I’ve never seen a cuter little baby on the telly!

You’ve enjoyed Mummy singing some of her favourite music to you. You always seem to smile! Here we are in our amazing AC/DC t-shirts, rocking out in style!

I had a lovely first Mother’s Day with you! You and Daddy really treated me! My card from you was probably the biggest one I’ve ever seen. It had owls on it too, which are my favourite animal, as you know.


On Mother’s Day you danced for the first time. It’s so cute and funny! Now you often dance if you’re excited or hear music.

You’re very quick at turning around now! You’ve been doing a little bit of commando crawling to get where you want to. The last few days, you’ve starting rocking on your hands and knees. I think this is probably a precursor to you crawling properly!
Six Month Old Baby Trying To Crawl

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