Dear Nanny T,

Today is your birthday, you’ve hit the big 7-0 although like everyone tells you, you really don’t look it, what is your secret? We wanted to make this year extra special and make a massive fuss of you although that proved difficult as you hate being the centre of attention so here I am writing to you knowing full well you will never read it because as you say you’re so technically challenged!

Firstly, thank you for being you, not only today but every single day I have known you. Thank you for encouraging me to laugh at every opportunity yet consoling me when I cry. Thank you for holding tight to my secrets but also trusting me with your own. Thank you for telling me that I can do anything I put my mind to, even the most difficult of things you believed that if I wanted it that much it would achieve it.

I am grateful for everything that you have and continue to do for me, correcting me when I’m wrong but also encouraging me when I am right. I hate to think what life would be like without you for I know that it would be no good!

Nan, I hope you know just how uniquely special you are to not only me but so many people. We all love you more than we can even fathom to show. The love you have and continue to show for your family is so mesmerizing and we all want to be just a little bit like you, for you bring smiles on even the most darkest of days.

I love how close we are, I can walk into the room and you know immediately how i feel. You know how to cheer me and every other person up. You are always there looking out for us all and make sure we are happy and healthy. I have never felt so comfortable in a house other than my own than I am in yours I love how I have somewhere and someone to run to when things get hard.

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