No one likes bullies. Its concerning when we see those people in the world who think they can use someone’s weakness to make them seem more powerful. And that’s the key word here, seem. Not everything’s just the way it seems. They’re not really so powerful yet they’re so clever to make people think they don’t harm you.

Why do you think it is okay to treat someone different because of their skin colour, hair colour, disability, or simply because they’re not like you? Does it make you feel powerful?

I will never understand why people thrive from bringing others down, trying to make people like themselves, or asking people to things they’re not comfortable with.

You either don’t realise or you’re very clever at the way you’re doing things. Physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying, and cyber bullying are all as bad as each other and affect an individual differently from one to another.

If you’re in the gym, why do you think its okay to laugh at someone who weighs more than you. They are trying to work-out just like you, so what are you mocking exactly? We are all different shapes and sizes.

If someone has spots or wears a brace, why do you think it’s okay to give them nicknames? You think it’s really funny don’t you? But what if you were the one who had those things, how would you feel?

Just because you might be more popular than him or her, it doesn’t give you

Read the full original post here authored by Natasha Bolger. You can visit her blog here.

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