Today is my mother’s birthday, she turns a ripe age of 53! Yes I know she is too young to have a 30-year-old daughter but then again not so young anymore. If your mother is anything like mine then she is also hard to shop for. You see my mother is so good at gifting others that we don’t really know what to gift her. If I give her money, she will just save it until one of her child or family needs money and she gives that to them. I don’t think I remember a moment when my mother selfishly went and just treated herself to something without getting us something first. But that’s true of all mothers isn’t it, always putting everyone else first before themselves.

Well for this birthday I wanted to spend some time with her and also treat her to something lovely. A few months back I realised that my parents are getting older and we need to spend more time with them. So every month my sister and I take mum out shopping and she gets whatever she wants. Though my sister and I alternate in taking her out shopping I still treat her extra on the side because she deserves it. For 30 years she did everything for us the least we can do is treat her for 30+ years too. 

I put this mother’s birthday gift guide after sitting and thinking of what my mother loves and needs. As I mentioned mother’s are not the easiest to shop for and I think we’ve overdone the flowers and jewellery.


My mother is a multi talented woman who can cook, bake, knit, sew, loves to read and is a natural leader. Of all her skills she passed on leadership skills, love of reading, baking and a bit of knitting to me. The rest she passed onto my sister and my brother took leadership skills, cooking and the love of reading. Knowing all this about my mother I thought getting her crafts would be the perfect present.

She is a proud owner of an

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