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Hi everyone,

Oliver: Can you believe that our humans adopted another feline?!? And hold on… is he on MY human on that feature image?!?

Nubia: Brother you never sleep on the humans… only I do this. And look he is tiny…

Renegade: WHO are you calling tiny…

Nubia: What he can talk as well?!? I thought only us two could do that…

Renegade: Pffft of course I can and my name is Renegade not TINY. 😀 Now what can I find in this place… FOOD here I come!

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Nubia: Maybe if I ignore him he’ll stop eating my food…?

Renegade: *Crunches with full mouth* Nope! 😀 It tastes too nice…

Oliver: Also you two… that appears to be MY food bowl you are talking about!!!!

Renegade & Nubia: ACK! QUICK RUN AND HIDE. O.O

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Renegade: Auntie Nubia….

Nubia: Yes… and please drop the aunt bit o.o

Renegade: Will you plaaaaaaaay with me. 😀

Nubia: *whispers to herself: he is too fast… maybe I can get him to annoy Oli!* Oh no look I am looking pretty at the moment… go play with Oliver he is bored.

Renegade: *Rushes off in a flash to find Oliver*

Renegade: I found you Oli!!! Time to PLAY! 😀

Oliver: *sigh* But we only played half an hour ago?!? 😮

Renegade: That was ages ago!

Oliver: Fine let’s go!

Renegade: Oh gosh now I am exhausted…

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Renegade: This is kinda comfy… but there must be better in this place. 😀

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