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On Sunday, after a lovely family day out on Saturday at Day Out with Thomas at the East Lancashire Railway in Bury, we decided to make the most of the fantastic weather with a little picnic in Rivington.

Rivington is a beautiful place between Chorley and Bolton in Lancashire.

It’s filled with lots of man-made reservoirs, stunning rolling hills, Rivington Castle and more. It’s overlooked by Rivington Pike which is a great walk.

On our way into Rivington we stopped off at a Co-op Food on Bolton Road in Adlington, Chorley for some sandwiches, drinks, fruit and sweets. Poppy accidentally pulled up her dress in there which was both hilarious and horrifying, and Marty almost pulled up Nora’s dress too hahaha.

I was dying for the loo so we went to the car park near Rivington high school. A word of warning for anyone who visits, the toilets there are disgusting. Only use them if you’re going to explode! Yuck.

Our Picnic Location

We chose to have our picnic in an area near the Anglezarke reservoir, which is my favourite place to stop when I take the kids to feed the ducks.

Here’s a picture of the Anglezarke reservoir:

Anglezarke Reservoir in Rivington
Beautiful, isn’t it? I bloody love Rivington.

It’s not just fantastic for the views, there are plenty of great walks in the area. Lots of woodland to explore and walking the banks of the reservoir. There’s also a quarry and, ice cream van when it’s sunny. Woo!

When the reservoir is too high it flows into a river on the other side of the road which runs back into the same reservoir as it’s a large chain of them with the same name. It flows under a bridge and down some large stairs (as we call them). Our picnic spot was down there. Nice and peaceful.

There’s a really steep grass hill down to the river. I remember using it for sledding as a kid with my brother, mum and dad. It was awesome.

Here’s the spot I’m talking about (with the large stairs):

Rivington Reservoir River
It’s a lovely little area and is completely out of view of anyone else in the area with coverage from lots of trees, and being so far down.

There are actually signs from United Utilities up on the road saying keep out of this area, but you can see why they are so easy to ‘miss’ haha. We never make a mess or anything so I guess there’s no harm done.

I love this picture so much:

Rivington Picnic
This is definitely my favourite picture of the day. If Nora reads this she will be getting all big-headed because she took it. Haha. It’s a great picture.

I’m holding my favourite things in the whole world. And they’re both smiling their little heads off. And we’re just out doing something so simple. Just spending quality time together in a beautiful place. I love it.

It’s always the simple things, really, isn’t it? I love my babies.

Let’s throw stones in the river:

Daddy, Poppy & Marty Throwing Stones
There’s only one thing you can do once you’ve finished a picnic and you’re next to a river, right? Of course. Throwing stones in the river is fun.

Marty kept bringing rocks for me and Nora to throw into the water, and as you can imagine they gradually got bigger and bigger until… He asked us to throw that massive rock next to his feet into the water.

Have to admit, I almost humoured him. Hahaha.

Final picture of the day:

Poppy & Marty with Ice Cream in Rivington
No day in the sunshine is quite complete without ice cream.

You know what’s terrible, though? I had mine before the picnic because I couldn’t wait. I’m such an overgrown bratty child. Hahaha.

So in summary, it was a very lovely day. We had a BBQ later on, too!

If you’ve never been to Rivington, I’d recommend it. For a picnic, a walk, a bike ride, to visit Go Ape, visit the castle ruins, or walk up the pike. There’s so much to do with picturesque views surrounding you at all times.

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