Guess who? Okay yeah it’s me duh..

It’s collaboration time again YAY! This time I’ve collaborated with A Pony Called Steve and they are without a doubt the coolest brand I have come across this year. Before I get into their product review, let me show you their website real quick..

Okay first up here is some copy for their about page:

Who on earth is Steve though?
Steve is a tiny Shetland pony. A proper tiny one. With Glitter in his Mane, Rainbows in his Heart and a particularly cheeky Twinkle in his Eye.

I felt a connection with Steve by the time I’d got to the end of the sentence. I could imagine this cute little fabulous pony bringing me happiness 🙂

a pony called steve

All their products are cruelty free and the following statement has been issued on the website..

Steve makes us chuckle. He also makes us do very serious things, like never ever test on animals.He encourages us to be better, to make better stuff and to try harder. He’s the reason most of our products are now vegan friendly and our products don’t contain any nasty, silly stuff like parabens or SLS.

​He’s also downright gorgeous.

What an awesome way to put it!

When collaborating with A Pony Called Steve I was asked to name my favourite items on the website. The honeyed raspberry scent and parma violet stood out to me straight away so I was really happy I was able to receive these scents.

The lovely ladies from A Pony Called Steve sent me three products:

Honeyed Raspberry Solid Perfume

I’d never heard of solid perfume before so this really got my attention. It came in a cute little tin – like a lip balm tin and the product was the same form as a lip balm – soft and moisturising. I have used this every day since receiving as I love carrying my current event around with me but perfume bottles can get so annoying. Bottles are either too heavy or too bulky, so having a lovely scent in a cute lightweight jar was really handy. I use it on my wrists and neck and it’s quickly absorbed my skin. If you’re anything like me and love a good perfume and haven’t heard of solid perfumes either, I’d recommend trying one!

Parma Violet Candle

a pony called steve

I think I may have a candle addiction. I have them everywhere and I think they really improve my mood! This cute little candle burns up to 30 hours and smells like it says on the tin. Like parma violets! Brings me back to my childhood days. see the rest of their candle collection here.

Pink Lemonade Soap Bar

As all the products are kind to skin and don’t contain any nasties, they don’t colour their soaps. I love this about them as they don’t need dyes to show their products off they simply speak for themselves. The soap was only lightly fragranced but still smelt so nice!

The fragrances of all their full collection actually makes me want to eat them!

This post is a collaboration and does not contain any affiliate links.


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