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Have you been trying to improve your blog performance with no visible results? Or have you just decided to start your own blog? No matter what your case is, you’ve probably got some concerns that may impact your blogging activities.

A large number of new bloggers in different niches are trying to turn their freshly created blogs into real brands. Impact predicts that the number of bloggers will reach to 31.7 million by 2020. But it’s also a fact that a lot of new blogs disappear after only a couple of months. So, what makes the bloggers give up on their blogs that soon? And what are the most common mistakes that they make in the very beginning that mark the destiny of their blogs?

In this post, we’re giving you the answers to these questions, and also helping you overcome the usual blogging obstacles by showing you how to achieve your pending goals with tools like live support chat. Read and find out more about quick and easy steps that you should follow to avert failure during your blogging journey.

How To Work Things Out And Succeed As A Blogger?

Fix #1: Don’t be unrealistic when setting your goals

Stressing over the goals that you cannot achieve is something you don’t need in your blogging career. Nobody ever created a blog that became super popular in a couple of minutes. So don’t expect to grow a large audience or earning millions of dollars just like that.

When setting the first goals for your blog, you should be realistic. Both when it comes to your commitment and regarding the blog success. If you do everything related to your blog on your own (like 80% of bloggers does), what you should do is start with a small plan of activities that you can keep up with.

You don’t have to post brand new content every single day. Instead, just be consistent. Let your initial audience know when they can expect new content from you and try to stick to that schedule.

Of course, you can change the writing dynamic until you find the one that suits you best, but make sure not to push yourself to produce content when you don’t feel like it. It will only impact the quality of your work, and your readers will realize the difference, no matter what you’re blogging about.

Fix #2: Don’t keep the goals abstract: Make plans

One of the common reasons why new bloggers give up on their blogs is the fact that they at some point forget where they’re headed. To avoid getting stuck like this, put your main purpose on the paper.

Do you want to educate your audience? Or do you want to sell your painting? Are you interested in promoting a lifestyle or a specific subculture?

No matter what your purpose is, it’s important for you to have it in front of you, precisely defined, all the time. This way, you’ll make sure you won’t find yourself in a dead-end street not knowing what to do.

Once you’ve defined the main purpose of your blog, give yourself smaller tasks that should lead you to the realization of that purpose. And make sure to:

  • Define every task as precisely as possible

For instance: write 300 words today is better defined than prepare a part of the new blog post; share content on Facebook and Twitter is better than increase online visibility. The vaguer the task is, the greater are chances you won’t be satisfied with the outcome, or you’ll simply forget what you should do.

  • Complete the separate tasks one by one, gradually, to avoid burning out  

Provided that you have more than one goal, you should define your blogging priorities at the moment and deal with them first. If you work on several projects or ideas at the same time, you may significantly impact the quality of the outcomes. Or you may never reach the outcome for any of them.

Fix #3: Don’t be generic: Create a unique style for your content

As stated in the beginning of this article, it is expected that the number of bloggers will reach to 31.7 million by 2020. Obviously, if you want to find your way out of the crowds of beginners craving for some attention, you should make your target audience notice you. But how to do that?

  • Organize your post in a special way.
  • Create an unusual approach to the topic you’re presenting.
  • Choose the ideal number and quality of images since readers love posts with (high-quality) images (Posts with images get up to 94% more views than those without them.)
  • Create an appealing logo and visuals with specific colours that will make the audience remember your brand after reading several posts;
  • Carefully build up the rest of your blog’s textual identity, including tagline, category names, descriptions, about me section, etc.

Finally, in addition to all these tips, make sure to create content with passion. Show your audience that you genuinely care about the topic you are covering in a post, and you’ll definitely gain their trust.

Fix #4: Don’t ignore your audience: Get in touch with them

According to Blog Tyrant, the biggest bloggers fear is the lack of visitors. While obsessing over it will bring you no good, what you have to realize is that building an audience is not an easy thing to do.

So, even though there are numerous customer engagement strategies, when you’re just beginning, there’s nothing better than being modest and showing respect to the people who follow you. If you’ve just created a blog and got some comments on your first posts, you definitely shouldn’t ignore them.

Even if you cannot reply to each comment separately, let your audience know you’ve read their thoughts by replying to at least some of them. You can also connect with your followers on social media, or ask them to join your newsletter.

Finally, if you want to additionally step up your game, you may even introduce live chat support. This way, all of the followers of your blog will be able to reach out to you and share their thoughts, opinions, and questions using simple live chat software. And there’s definitely nothing like direct communication for solving doubts–especially if you want to sell a product or a service on your blog.

Well-developed live chat software can bring a lot of benefits both to you and to your potential customers. Not to mention that it will add up to the professional and reliable look of your blog.

Conclusion: How To Achieve Blogging Goals?

It’s more than obvious that consistency is one of the most important aspects of every successful blog. So, to manage to provide the content consistently, you should keep yourself motivated by having in mind your blog’s goals.

In addition, once you’ve determined your primary blogging goals and transformed them into a series of continuous tasks, it’s incredibly important to realistically include them in a schedule that works for you, so that you can work on their realization with no pressure.

In the process of achieving your goals, don’t hesitate to be creative and offer engaging unique content. This way, you will quickly stand out and reach out to your target audience effectively. Finally, in order to reach out to your target audience, make sure to establish friendly communication with them instead of ignoring them – try to interact as much as you can, using social media, newsletter and live chat support.

Guest post author Bio:

Jared is a customer-support Specialist, a marketing evangelist and a book lover, associated with ProProfs Chat. Jared is passionate about customer support and loves to solve customers’ queries. He is always keen to develop new strategies to help customers seeking live chat assistance for a delightful experience.

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