22 year old

Tomorrow I turn 23 years old and who knows what percentage that is of my life so far. What’s the average life expectancy in the UK? Is it around 80 years old? Regardless of what that age may be, I think we should always be living for now. Surely being happy is a good start?

Being in the world for 22 years gives you an insight to many things – education, friendships, relationships, work etc. However, I believe that life has plenty more things to throw my way. Whether they are from the similar situations or new ones. I think life has a funny way of working, but it can also be quite wonderful too.

There are still many more questions I have to ask. Where will I be this time next week – will I have finally be back in employment? Will there be a change in my life?

The truth is, I don’t know. That’s for the employment part anyway. As for the change, I think there is always change happening in our lives. Every day we are growing without even seeing it. From a child you grow taller, and as you get older, you hope to grow to be a lot wiser.

I’m the place I thought I would be in the way that I continually completed my education and graduated. I’m still lucky to have my parents and my friends. But there are also things I wouldn’t have expected, from looking back to let’s say 16-year-old me.

The things that are happening right now are the things I used to think about a lot. I wondered what it would feel like to be in a real relationship. I didn’t imagine to have spent the last four years in a relationship with someone who I used to see as being way out of my league. It turns out we are the

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