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I became friends with Marc and Iain through Katzenworld. They posted several of my poems on Purrsday Poetry. Since Marc and Iain had Brooklyn on their itinerary, I figured why not go to the Brooklyn Cat Café first (around 11 a.m.) before heading over to the Park Plaza Restaurant for lunch and poetry. Both places were within walking distance. I run the Brownstone Poets Reading series and had Steve Dalachinsky, Yuko Otomo, and Mike Jurkovic as the featured poets. The reading was starting at 2:30 p.m. We would have plenty of time to partake in the “purring and head bumping” therapy.

We filled out the required waiver. Once done, it was time to interact with the kitties. The morning hours were best. The café wasn’t crowded, and we didn’t need to have reservations. Marc, Iain, and I had a field day photographing the felines. The kitties were friendly and most loved being divas. No wonder cats rule the Internet!

These are 4cats valerian cushions that you can find on the Katzenworld Shop!

Marc and Iain gave some catnip samples to the café volunteers, as well as several iconic Katzenworld key chains. The kitties approved the colorful catnip bags. One fur baby rolled from side to side, hugging the pillow-like bag.

DSC03826 DSC03825

The Cat Exercise Wheel wasn’t occupied. It took a while to convince the local Bengal

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