Travel doesn’t have to mean over seas, travel can include mini stay-cations! For my birthday I treated myself to a night away to The Old Railway Station B&B in Petworth, West Sussex.

The Old Railway Station

This year my life has been rather stressful, work has been chaotic to the point my social life has been non-existent and my love life…yeah again non-existent, so for my birthday I was determined to get a well deserved break!

Along with my friend Sarah, we hopped on a train from East Croydon to Pulborough and then a short cab ride to Petworth. Tucked away surrounded by fields is The Old Railway Station B&B, which is as the name suggests! An Old Railway station that has been converted into a B&B, there are four Pullman carriages you can stay in as well as additional rooms in the the main house.

The old railway station bookingThe old railway booking office

On arrival we checked in to the Booking office where we were warmly welcomed, signed the usual forms and was then taken to our Pullman carriage, walking through the small station to our carriage was a real step back in time. Our room for the night was a standard Pullman carriage, stepping up into the carriage you walk into the carriage entrance where you find a small single door wardrobe and a tea station that had everything you could have wished for including home made shortcake.

Entering the carriage corridor you walk past a brightly light bathroom stocked with plenty of fluffy towels and toiletries, and then a few steps along you are in the bedroom which features a comfortable double bed, a large feature mirror, a table and chairs and a unit with a smart TV. The carriage featured beautiful dark stained plantation shutters that really added to the character of the classic carriage.

Pullman bedroom

Once we had settled and fully sunk in our room for the night we took a wander to the waiting room for afternoon tea. As we entered the main station house we discovered a metal spiral stair case surrounded by book cases with classical literature, maps and history books.

The old railway staircase

The waiting room

The waiting room had a couple of people in already having tea but is was incredibly silent, as a city girl silence is very rare! No sounds of traffic, phones or others conversations, just the clink of china tea cups. The waiting room was full of vintage character, tier on tier wooden shutters on every window, wooden flooring, the walls were decorated in old newspaper clippings and general history of the station and Pullman carriages. We approached the office and asked for tea and cake and were made welcome to sit any where.

The tea arrived in a large metal tea pot and we were supplied with teacups and saucers, we had the home made chocolate cake and we were given a very generous slice! Honestly the cake was incredibly tasty! I learnt that pouring tea is a skill I do not possess! I made a right mess of it unlike Sarah who poured her tea like a pro, it was very hard not to disturb the peacefulness of the room! The tea and cake came to £11.50 for the two of us.

AK Afternoon tea

Sarah drinking tea

The Old Railway Station is just a B&B so we had to decided where we were going to go for dinner, as neither of us could drive and getting a cab into town was a little pricey we decided to check out the Badgers pub a couple minutes walk away.

As with most country pubs The Badgers was very quaint, quiet with beautiful surroundings….again it was a little on the pricey side, £3 for a small of coke. We checked out the menu and it was mostly meat and fish, as Sarah is a vegetarian it was very restrictive. We decided to have a dipping bread starter, Camembert and chips for dinner, we booked our table for the evening and went away to have a little photo shoot (a blogger never switches off)

Abi and SarahAbi and Sarah 2

After our shoot we warmed up in the carriage and got ready for dinner. On our arrival to the pub the barmaid informed us if we wasn’t happy with our table just let them know as they have had previous complaints, initially we wer a little concerned by this as we hadn’t been taken to our table yet, what were we in for?!

It was the best table, we were sat in a little erotic arch way! In the arch was a table and two chairs and on each wall in the arch way was three erotic paint works. We had to share this all over our social media and we became the entertainment of the pub, we found it hilarious! Why we would we complain?! Some reason I only took photo’s of just two of the three paintings.

The badgers art

The badgers artwork

Dinner was ok, we had to send the baked Camembert back as it was still pretty solid but other than that we enjoyed our meal, the pub was very busy! We couldn’t face dessert so we headed back to the B&B using the torches on our phones as there was no street lighting, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing! It enabled us to see something us Londoners do not often see! A clear night sky of sparkling stars.

Can you tell I adore the countryside?

It was a little frosty that night so as soon as we got into the carriage we popped the kettle on to make hot chocolate so we could warm up and have a girlie evening in bed watching crazy ex girlfriend on Netflix.

PUllman girls night

The bed was very comfortable but although we had the heating on it was still rather chilly in the night so I would fully recommend packing those fluffy jammies to sleep in!

We chose to have breakfast at 9am so we showered and headed to the waiting room for breakfast, this time they had classical music on and the room was much fuller, mouths were moving but you couldn’t hear a thing! Blissful when you’ve not had your morning coffee yet! We sat at our table and a plate of fruit was laid out nicely and we were brought a glass of orange juice and offered a slice of freshly baked baguette. The table already had the extras you would have wanted such as butter and jam, we were asked if we wanted tea and coffee and which set breakfast we wanted, it’s not a mini break if you don’t have a full English for breakfast! We were brought a jug of filter coffee and our breakfast followed shortly. I was in my element! We happily whispered away about our plans for the day and filled up on coffee and delicious food.]

We chatted for more than on hour over breakfast and forced ourselves to head back to the carriage to pack up and get ready to check out as we had only just booked the one night.

The old railway breakfast

The old railway coffee

Check out was at 11am so we were promptly back at the Booking Office to check out, the manager was exceptionally helpful as we attempted to book at cab to take us into town for the day…..and no luck. BIG tip for when you visit the countryside pre-book your cabs days before! In London we are so used to being able to get a cab at the click of our fingers but Petworth is really a step back in time, our phones barely worked, no ATMs, no cabs and no cash back. We were a little out of our comfort zone! Fortunately the B&B manager which I very RUDELY did not ask for her name, I am still kicking myself over that a month on but she very kindly drove us into Petworth village in her own car. A kindness that has become so rare in this day and age, she really helped us out there.

If you are seeking a mini break with a difference I whole heartedly recommend checking in to The Old Railway for a night or two, but ideally you must drive! I found the B&B on wowcher for £120 for two people, one night.

Read the full original post here authored by Abigail Kathleen. You can visit her blog here.

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