Ladies, if you got invited to an evening at the Hippodrome in London to review a show of a group rather beautiful, brawny men dance and perform for 90 minutes while you sip on cocktails, you would certainly agree, it would’ve been rude to say no. Along with The Live Review, I went to see Magic Mike Live.

Magic mike LDN

On Arrival to The Hippodrome, we collected our tickets and strolled through the luxurious building until we found our destination, before heading into the show area we stopped for a drink at the bar. The bar area oozed of the perfume of many already rather tipsy women! Must admit I was jealous as a social anxiety sufferer, nudity actually makes me rather uncomfortable! so I could of done with a few vinos to help me relax but the damn histamine allergy said no.

Walking through the doors to the stage area our hands were stamped with the hippodrome horse (which has only just come off days later!) and we were guided to our VIP table which we shared with two others. We had been seated on a table that was to be used in the show so we were briefed on what to do when given the signal. Through out the show you were able to get table service so you did not have to keep leaving the room for a top up, it was certainly the VIP experience!

Magic mike stage

Shortly before the show started a fifth woman was seated at our table, she came across shy and we smiled our hello’s when the show started. The room darkened, up beat music filled the room and a short, speccy host flew onto the stage to introduce the show and crack a few slimey jokes. Being there to review the show Tanya and I were taking photo’s and updating our Instagram Stories, next thing I know I get a sharp job in the elbow and the host had clocked onto us being on our phones.

You paid £125 just to sit there on your fucking phone?!

The room filled with laughter and I was truly horrified, all part of the show I guess but genuinely felt my face burn and glow, but I laughed along with everyone else. It wasn’t long until the stage presented the rather sexy equivalent to the village people, slow dancing, grinding away. They slow grind their way into the audience and before we know it the *poor* woman who had been sat at the end of our table had a fireman thrusting in her face to then be carried onto the stage. We’re all their having a giggle, totally clueless that she is the actual host of the show!

Magic mike ldn

I won’t spoil the show for you by detailing move by move but whilst yes 75% of the performance the guys are topless, the show is equally made up of group dance sequences, acrobatics, a musical performance, giggles with the host, outstanding contemporary dance and plenty of audience interaction. I had headed straight to London after work so wasn’t feeling entirely fresh so I genuinely spent half the performance mentally begging “please not me” imagine having some rather large, gorgeous guy choosing to grind on you and your whiffing? Excuse me while I cringe. Unfortunately I didn’t completely escape, during one part of the show one of the performers had sneaked up behind me (ok, it’s hard for a guy only wearing his pants to sneak around a room full of women but I genuinely had no idea) and decided to give my arms a rub up, according to Tanya, my face was a picture!

Magic mike live

I’ve never been shy to admit that I have a weakness for a guy in a suit, so naturally my favourite part of the show was when the cast came out all suited for a dance sequence.

So would I recommend this show, hell yes, get your tickets before they sell out as to my knowledge they are going FAST. For snippets of the show head over to my instagram “abigailkathleenlondon” and check out my insta-stories.


Read the full original post here authored by Abigail Kathleen. You can visit her blog here.

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