Over the last few months my confidence in my body image has started to grow, I have found myself taking more and more outfit photos and not hating them!. I want to introduce a new section to the blog where I share and discuss my outfits with you at the end of each month.

September is a tricky month for our wardrobes, the mornings are chilly yet the afternoons are sunny and warm!

With the arrival of the chilly mornings I have dusted off my jackets, the one above from LOTD is a faux leather jacket with white fleece around the collar and cuffs. The jacket is a little deceiving with the fleece, it looks warmer than it is, it is actually a really light weight jacket, the fleece doesn’t offer too much warmth but it is perfect for the chilly winter mornings until it has warmed up, then it isn’t too much hassle to carry around.

The long sleeve tops have come out! On a casual day I tend to opt for a plain, long sleeve top with a low V neck and Jeans, super simple outfit for the warm yet breezy September days.

In September I was fortunate to be asked to review a couple of shows for the live review, one of which was the ballet. I chose to wear this beautiful Navy floral dress from Lipsy, the material of the dress is textured with embossed diamonds so it was quite a thick and stiff material. The floral detail along the waist line complemented my shape and sat nicely above the knee. I paired the dress with thick black tights to shield my legs from the chilly evening and my favourite heels from everything5pounds, the black suede material of the shoes blended with the tights, a look I’m fond of.

I am OBSESSED with this outfit.

We all became polka dot obsessed this summer and I am certainly taking it with me into the chillier months. This red polka dot smock dress from Boohoo works perfectly with over the knee boots and a belt, it is one of those outfits then can be worn casually, work and an evening out!

Tanya took me along with her on review of the deeply delicious Devine Proportions , a night with Dionysus and his disciples celebrating wine, food, music and sex….no it wasn’t an orgy but there was a lot of sexy topics and themes, it was an incredible evening. For this event I decided to dig out the black Lipsy Jumpsuit, paired with my fave heels again….they are just so comfy!

I’m gonna wrap up September’s post with this GORGEOUS Hollister jumper I found on ASOS I ordered it at 7pm on a Saturday night and was wearing it 11am the next day! I love the combination of colours, it’s fleecy on the inside so keeps me cosy and warm. I just love it.

Read the full original post here authored by Abigail Kathleen. You can visit her blog here.

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