Welcome to Bloggers Required. Bloggers Required is a FREE service for bloggers. It aims to be a facilitator between small businesses, agencies, brands and start-ups looking for support with blogger outreach, helping to make life a little bit easier for everyone involved.

We invite brands to fill in a simple and intuitive form, which we call a ‘blogging assignment‘. The assignment acts as the overview, detailing how the brand would like bloggers to help.

The blogging assignments can be extremely flexible in scope, ranging from the:

  • Promotion of products or services
  • Attendance at events
  • Running giveaways or competitions
  • Surveys and market research
  • Creating blogger networks
  • Job offers
  • Crowd sourcing ideas

Once the brand’s assignment is added to the site, it’s then up to the blogger to make sure their blog is a good fit for the assignment and to get in touch with the brand via the site. Once contact is made between the brand and blogger, it’s then up to both parties to decide on the best way forward!

Bloggers Required offers an easily searchable archive of brand assignments, which can be filtered by location and subject category.

Overview – “In a Nutshell”

Bloggers Required helps small business, brands and start-ups to make contact with blog owners, via blogging assignments. Bloggers from around the World check the site daily to see if they can complete any of the daily assignments.

For brands, businesses and start-ups

Add your blogging assignment, making it as targeted as possible, and then wait for the relevant bloggers to get in touch. Make blogger contacts, get coverage and get noticed.

For bloggers

Subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook or just check the Bloggers Required site for new brand assignments added daily, to see if they are a good match for your blog. If you see one of interest, make contact with the brand via the site and introduce them to your blog. Read the FAQ.


If you are a blogger or brand/businesses/start-up, you probably have loads of questions that need answering. We have developed an FAQ – BloggerBrand


Bloggers Required is FREE for all bloggers to respond to assignments relevant to them.  Brands pay a small fee to add assignments. Click here to find out more.


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