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The Perfect Present for the Fussy Foodie. There is nothing worse than hunting for presents for people when you don't know what they want or like. This is the perfect present to buy the fussy foodie. #foodies #foodie #fussyfoodie #christmaspresents #christmashampers #clearwaterhamper

Clearwater Hampers

As a couple, we tend to shy away from the traditional at Christmas. We don’t cover the house with decorations, and we don’t put a big tree up in the corner of the room. But what we do enjoy are hampers.

To me, hampers epitomise Christmas. A big wicker basket of pure indulgence you can dig into whenever the mood takes you.

So Many To Choose From

This year Clearwater Hampers (which is one of the longest established not to mention one of the biggest hamper companies in the UK) kindly offered us a hamper to review to showcase the fantastic selection available at their site for Christmas this year.

There are a staggering, 149 Christmas hampers with a wide range of goodies available in each so plenty of to choose from. Beer, Cheese, Gin, Chocolate, so whatever your intended recipient favours you can treat them to it and more.

So let’s take a look at the hamper we chose.

The Ultimate Alcohol-Free Hamper which contains:

Belvoir Elderflower Presse 75cl
Simply Cornish Clotted Cream Shortbread 200g
Thomas Tucker Salted Caramel and Vanilla Popcorn 125g
Yorkshire Crisps Lightly Sea Salted 50g
Elizabeth Shaw Milk Chocolate Coconut and Hazelnut Biscuits 140g
Cambrook Baked Salted Mixed Nuts 80g
Tracklements Damson Fruit Cheese 100g
Snowdonia Cheese Co Black Bomber 200g
Mighty Fine Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Dips 90g
Cartwright and Butler Soft Fruit Jellies in Kilner Jar 190g
Original Cake Co Cherry & Almond Topped Cake Round 400g
Gourmet Black Pepper & Sea Salt Crackers 185g
Buiteman Baked with Love Cheddar Originals 75g
Farrah’s Original Toffee 100g

So we spread everything out on the kitchen worktop and got stuck in.

Sweets That Bring Back Memories

I grabbed the Soft Jellies first as Christmas in the 70s was all about marzipan and sugared fruit jellies, so this was a touch of nostalgia for me. However, the fruits my Mum used to buy were and still are full of artificial flavours, but these from Cartwright and Butler are flavoured naturally. They’re delicious and so moreish that the 190g jar is far too small.

Clearwater Hampers

The cheese was next to be tackled, with biscuits and cake. Andy thinks I’m strange when I do this, and I don’t remember when I started doing it, but I always eat fruitcake either smothered in butter or with a considerable chunk of sharp, mature cheese.

No Need For Christmas Cake

The Dundee type cake in this hamper is very moist and sweet. Pair that with the sharp cheese, and you’ll find it balances itself out, giving you a rounder flavour.

Clearwater Hamper Cake

Crackers and crisps also work well with cheese, especially this rich, smooth black bomber. The crackers here are black pepper thins, and white label so seems to only be available in these kinds of hampers. Have a lovely crunch to them and just as yummy on their own.

Clearwater Hamper Crackers

They’ll Disappear Too Quickly

Elizabeth Shaw manufactures chocolates, but I was unaware they were biscuit producers too, so these took me by surprise. Coconut, Hazelnut and Chewy Caramel cookies coated in chocolate. OMG. I guarantee if I buy another box of these, I will not be sharing them. They’re like a chewy coconut wafer, an upmarket caramel log in the shape of a biscuit. But by jingo they’re amazing. Thank heaven we don’t have kids because I fear they’d disappear quicker than I could hide them.

Clearwater Hampers Cornish Biscuits

And the drink. We don’t do alcohol anymore for health reasons, so the non-alcoholic option was the selling point for me. Here we had a nice bottle of Elderflower Juice. They’re especially lovely served with the Cornish clotted cream biscuits and wouldn’t be out of place at a garden party.

Excellent Value For Money

The RRP is £95 for hamper which includes a beautiful wicker basket and free UK delivery. And if you check the prices of the items individually, you’re a few pounds off £70 so with the packing and shipping there’s still value in the hamper as a whole (and you haven’t had to source any of the items yourself).

It’s a perfect choice for a couple with products that compliment each other beautifully.

If you’re looking to treat someone with a hamper for Christmas and like the look of the Ultimate Alcohol-Free Hamper, then visit Clearwater Hampers today and place your order.

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