Shakespeare is one of the greatest English poets that ever lived. “To be or not to be, that’s the question“, this is one of my favourite Shakespeare quotes like ever. Imagine my surprise and delight when we were given an opportunity to learn about Shakespeare and his works. I have visited London many times but not once have I heard or seen Shakespeare’s Globe right on Bank-side.

Born in 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon, he was educated at a local grammar school where he gained talent and skills of writing plays. Though no one claims to know when Shakespeare actually arrived in London he certainly left a legacy of a lifetime. Back in his time, theatres were thought to be immoral by churchmen and wasn’t until Elizabeth I’s time that it was acceptable. Acceptability was more for rich people showing off their worth than enjoying the plays. Shakespeare collaborated with many writers and as an actor himself relayed stories that resonated with people.

The invitation to visit and tour the Globe could not have come at a better time in more ways than one. London of late has been experiencing some truly incredible weather, of course with old showers here and there. But mostly an amazing summer and many of us have been making use of this weather to explore our cities.

The original Shakespeare’s Globe was built around 1576 and later William Shakespeare joined the production. After many disputes and ownership changes the theatre run successfully for about 14 years. In 1613 during a performance of Henry VIII a canon was lit to signify a king’s entrance which set the theatre ablaze. It was quickly rebuilt to what would be the second Shakespeare’s Globe but was later demolished during England’s Puritan administration.

Wanamaker and Shakespeare

Many years had since passed when an American actor came to visit London and wanted to visit Shakespeare’s monument. He wanted to see how the great actor and poet was celebrated in England, only to find a small plak in a now car park. The plak read ‘Here stood the Globe theatre

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